DIY ads

A golden rule of advertising is ‘more the number of human sense you involve in your ad, better the response’. No surprise then, that video as a means of advertising is catching up fast in the online world. Add to this the naturally viral characteristics of the medium, further driven by the ease of sharing through sites like YouTube and Metacafe, and the future looks only brighter. Companies like Cadbury, MSN, and Clear have already seen good amount of success in the viral video advertising world.

An ad company launched video ads on websites like YouTube and Metacafe only about 8 weeks back and already have about 2,400 views on Metacafe and 1,400-odd hits on YouTube.

But unfortunately the cost of producing an effective video advertisement even for a small 30-second slot can be prohibitive for small businesses with meager advertising budgets. The ballpark figure for creating a video ad with an advertising agency can easily run into something like Rs 35lakh to Rs 50lakh.

Websites like AdItAll ( ( spot runner ( have come up with a DIY (Do It Yourself) service that’s working wonders for small businesses with low advertising budgets.

The idea that these sites work on is fairly simple. They say, rather than paying an advertising company a hefty sum, businesses can select from a range of short generic video clips, customize them a little, and launch their own video ad campaigns for a fraction of the cost. This means these sites are simply playing as a place for advertising and artists to meet and taking a cut of the cost. So while the companies can come and shop for clips that suit them the best, artists can simply pick a price, upload their clip, and then split the spoils 50-50 with the site owners.

For companies, the easiest way to get started with these sites is to pick from the pre-packaged clips. These bundles come complete with video, soundtrack and text. You can simply buy these off the rack and then customize them with voice over or texts for your particular product and roll the ads. The hunt is best done by keyword, on the industry or category provided by the website.

Most of these bundled ads come for around $300, which is significantly less than the costs paid to a professional ad agency. On the flip side though, the footage won’t be exclusive. However, if a company still prefers to have a little more control over the final product, they could go for the start from scratch clips option. Here they can pick a video clip search for music files and sound effects from the library and then, using the simple wizard software, add titles and logo, and upload or record their sound track related to their ad.

Industry experts are already bullish on this particular model. This promises to be a spot on medium for India for sure, with video ads catching up and small business mushrooming. However, currently one too much content of Indian origin but then as the community grows one can expect to see more content of all types.

Once created video, the company is free to download it and launch their own advertising campaign the way they like it. Sites like AdItAll also offer to act as a middle man to help launch and tack their campaign. AdItAll for instance offers to help set up video campaigns through Google Adwords video advertising, thus helping distribute ones content to a large variety of niche targeted websites. They will however charge 10% service charge for setting this up but for new advertisers this proves to be a more viable option.

If one wants to earn through his/her creative talents, here is what they can do: First they can apply to be an AdItAll producer. Once accepted, they have to upload their video sound track file or create a custom ‘template’. Submit it for review and then wait for them to clear it. Once accepted, the selected producer is given his/her own gallery and can track the sales of media from the AdItAll dashboard. Here the producers can put their own prices for the content to be sold. It of course makes good sense to keep the price competitive, but make sure not to set rock bottom prices, since AdIAll takes 50% of any money.

In addition to being able to put up video and soundtracks, the producer can also make money by creating templates for people to buy. The producer can do this by simply picking existing soundtrack and video from the library and editing together, customized with voice over text elements to make a package. Although this is unlikely to be a viable source of earning a livelihood as of now, it can be great idea for earnings that extra bit of pocket allowance.