Something for Fresh candidates

If the company you apply to do not select you for lack of experience, one need not get worried much. An individual may not have any years of hands-on experience of the job but that doesn’t mean that he is incompetent.

HRD recruiting experts opine it’s possible to correlate candidate’s expertise in a certain area to the job at hand. By doing this, lack of industry experience can appear to be less of a handicap of the candidate

Even if with little or no experience, a fresh candidate (without experience) must be positive about searching for a job. For one, time has never been better for freshers. There are a lot of recruiters and hiring managers looking for fresh talent in the expanding job market. Many firms prefer the speed, energy and enthusiasm that youngsters have and that is the reason firms prefer them in to the firm.

A plethora of Job-hunting sources are available for freshers, especially those with professional qualifications. Various free networking sites have come up and form an integral part of the job hunting exercise.

Moreover, a fresher can start on a clean slate with no black marks on his resume. Since his background is spotless, he can stop worrying about how it will match up to others.

Pep up CV:

Supposing one does not have prior work experience, he can start off by emphasizing his recent training or education. Here he can include specific qualifications, or any others activities that can be correlated to the position applied for.

For this, compile all professional activities to date in a detailed manner (even those which don’t seem important). The following can be taken into consideration:

* Short term projects or research projects in which you have participated.
* Part time jobs that you under look during your studies.
* Internships or in-service training.
* Reports or document you have prepared.
* Presentation made at seminars, workshops etc.

The candidate (fresh) must identify the specific skills he has acquired by taking part in these activities and label them according to the skills headings used in job ads.

Also seek out anything that could be acceptable as experience and highlight it. Apart from education he can highlight or mention anything else that can support his case.

Many freshers have far more talent, valuable skills, and experience than they write in CV. They often omit these positive points from their resume, which may prove to be costly.

Pre-plan for job applying with a strategy:

* Write down a list of 100 people who can help you bag a job. They could include friends, family, teachers, relatives, your friends’ parents, neighbor’s people you helped out earlier etc. Send them your resume via e-mail or post. This type of networking can open doors to unadvertised jobs too.
* Attend any networking events in your city and make some good contacts.
* Take advantage of the placement program offered by your college/ institution.
* Become a member off several e-mail discussion groups, and you are sure to get some good leads.
* Persist and follow up. Employers will often notice and give you the benefit of doubt.
* The number one complaint about freshers is their lack of preparation. Basically, an interview is just like a sales call – you have to sell yourself to the prospective employer. Do your homework about the company (prospective employer).
* Achievements in studies sports and extracurricular activities must be documented properly.
* Be ready to take an entry-level position /internship to demonstrate competence. Be ready to work for free or for a low salary just to get an opening.

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