Impress the Boss

It will take any employee to settle down after partying and a few holidays but may not be difficult. Just the right keys one will soon realize that he is all set to run the program. But remember, even the best program will not work unless he hits “Enter”. Therefore it’s important to know where that key is located.

Whether or not one likes it, there is no denying the fact that the boss is the key to success. Not many will disagree. While majority of professionals may not agree outwards but in reality each employee wants to do it. It is a well established fact that if one is in boss’s good books, life at work can be cool and he can be assured of good reviews. But, if the employee manages to get blacklisted then doom awaits him. Given here are a few tips on how to get the act together.

This external success relationship with the boss ‘Boss is always right’ stands steady even today. One might have read about the corporate world changing and it is about the corporate world, and not ‘the boss’. A boss is hard(ly) working who is confident of knowing everything. With such people one must use wit and say ‘yes’ when actually it may be ‘no’ to what they say.

If a subordinate don’t want to tarnish his image at work, avoid stepping in late. If the day one is late coincides with the day boss has had an argument with his spouse or somebody matter to him then the employee may lose his credibility with the boss. How to salvage the situation? Think of an interesting excuse that will have the boss in splits and he will curse the strange reason and not his subordinate for stepping in late. On a serious note, one must strive to reach office on time rather than thinking of creative excuses to be late. Similarly, be approachable, polite and a good team player. Be bold enough to take up responsibility of any mistakes committed in work.

For a manager at a call center who heads three projects it may not always be possible for the senior to keep an eye on the team members. So if a subordinate have completed a task or accomplished something, just walk up to him/her and let him/her know about the completion of the task. If practically meeting and telling is not possible then sending an e-mail will serve the purpose.

It’s important to make a noise about ones performance, but this is definitely not everyone’s skill. For example, a copy editor cribs about a co-worker who manages to talk about article she proofs reads or every mail sent out. A copy editor thinks that his coworker is not doing anything out of the way and that’s his job, so why boast about it? All we are saying is that one needs to know when and how to put it across. If one is a part of a big team, it is important to be visible. Remember the old saying, out of sight is out of mind.

Quality performance never goes unnoticed. Although it is important to strike a balance between quantity and quality, if an employee’s work is up to the mark, boss will always appreciates him. Heightening the effect is If the boss appreciates the work he can be told that it could have been better if one didn’t had a running nose. Boss will appreciate the employee’s desire to perform even better under congenial circumstances.

Stick to deadlines, be meticulous, exhibit quality work and you will be trusted colleagues.

Two rules for success

1. Boss is always right
2. If you think boss is wrong, refer to point number 1.

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