Characteristics of a Successful Person

One of the most endearing characteristics of the word success is that it has no clear definition. Sure the dictionary states a literal meaning for it, but the parameters of success are different for each individual, thus making it both an eluding and engaging concept. For many, success is the completion of a target, an achievement of what one had set out to do. But there are others who believe, success is nothing but a synonym for happiness; doing what makes one happy rather than pursuing goals in search of happiness. Could success then be the eternal conflict between the heart and mind? Doing what you want or wanting what you do?

For most individuals success is achieving their goals. Set targets, try hard to get there, and manage to accomplish the task then one can consider himself successful. What about intangible achievements, such as one’s relationship with family or emotional growth? Does one set targets for them as well? But it really is a matter of how one looks at the role of emotions in his life. Most individuals pursue material achievements.

While it may make sense to measure success by material gains, it can also breed a spirit of unhealthy competition, making people adopt unscrupulous means in their endeavor to achieve what they desire. More over, rivalries can take ugly turns, one may go overboard in their eagerness to pip someone for the post, and all sorts of undesirable consequences can arise. Distinguishing between right and wrong is more important than the mere achievements of goals. One may want a lot of money, but if it has been garnered through incorrect means, it will take away the sense of achievement. Thus, success is doing something that an individual will not regret later or look back at with the thought what if?

Then, there are those who believe tat success is not about what you achieve, how much money you have or what your status is in society. For them success is not a destination, but journey. Success is the realization of an individual’s potential. A successful individual at work feels that he has reached a certain level, he must raise the bar higher and this way he will continually strive to become a better person. One advantage of this mind set is that it eliminates the complacency factor. Often, once a goal is achieved one often tends to take things lightly from there on and rest on the Laurels of one’s achievements. Also, ego begins to play a larger role, especially if one has achieved success at an early age. Then how does one cope? One has to understand that success is a culmination of hard work and talent and should never be taken lightly. Rather than letting it go to head, a real genuine and successful person with higher potential may feel humbled by the appreciation he receives and strives for more. He takes up on to work harder because he realizes that he has a long way ahead before he can consider himself successful.

How does one go about then, settings yardsticks for success? One must be clear about what success means to them, before setting out to achieve a target. It is more practical to write down ones goals because one is more likely to accomplish written goals, than those which reside only in mind. Finally, one must be disciplined because that’s what will make the individual more focused.

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