Humor at Work

Humor is essential at workplace, but not many are lucky to have it. In this article we are trying to suggest some pointers that can help an employee add that much-needed witty dynamism at work.

Surfing the internet will tell the employee that this trend of working just for the sake of money with disgust in heart when it comes to the work environment is one of the leading causes of attrition. But what is the solution for this? Today, even the Human Resources Department of almost all organizations takes note of the humor factor within the workplace. It’s not that in every office an employee will be allowed to play pranks on co-workers. But the fact is that humor is an important ingredient of success at the workplace. This cannot be negated. In an organization employees try do everything with a touch of humor. For example, even when CEO sends out a message, he usually uses a funny anecdote to convey it. This brings the much-needed smile on employees faces.. Almost every organization has employee initiatives that guarantee some humor in an otherwise formal work environment. In some firms they have yearly talent hunt contests, cricket and football matches and an annual party that ensures humor levels don’t slide down and making the work environment ‘wanted’.

Is there a way to usher some fun and happiness around at the workplace? Well, there is no definitive answer to this as it depends on who the employee is as a person. Humor that works in the workplace has a lot to do with attitude. Employees should be able to see humor in everyday situations. It means taking everything and everyone not quite so seriously all the time. It means having the confidence to laugh at self.

A humorous employee will always find a quiet corner in office where he can laugh about the pompousness and idiosyncrasies of superiors, and for his colleagues that is real breather. But someone like BT, who works with an investment consultant, says his music is his savior at work. It helps to stay alert and concentrate. Because his job demands a high level of concentration, all other distractions are a strict ‘no’. He further confesses that he has actually managed to smuggle at least a dozen CDs into his workplace which his micromanaging boss is yet to find out.

For others who are not music buffs like B suggests subscription to a comic strip, online games, constructive Internet surfing (some really interesting stuff) and blogging, desk Yoga, reading e-books and e-paper among others.

A humorless office is like a dark room with no window. It is true that humor is essential in every aspect of life it is a must at the workplace. It is widely believed that people with a sense of humor at their jobs, compared to those who have little or no sense of humor. Studies have shown that happy workers are more productive. Humor could help employees release tension and relax for a while. What’s more? Employees who enjoy interacting with their co-workers aren’t as likely to be distracted or absent from work. All said done while office humor is recommended but the employees must not for get of achieving their tasks as per specified schedules.

The funny Side

* Suggests that your department have a bulletin board, where employees can share funny cartoon, photographs, anecdotes, amusing advertisements, and bumper stickers. And don’t let the enthusiasm take a nosedive after the first few months.

* Use humor to break the ice when you’re presiding a meeting or to make your point during a discussion Remember, a good sense of humor and skilled communication always go hand in hand.

* Give your co-workers funny cards and gag gifts for special occasions.

* Send “Humor grams’, when you want to express appreciation. Instead of a verbal compliment, send a humorous card to the concerned person, or create a “humor gram” by writing a note and attaching a relevant cartoon.

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  • I liked this article & will try always with my work.

  • Maya


    Too good, I do use humor at workplace and wish everyone uses this for positive results.

  • svs krishnan

    more work can be extracted if humour is added in our conversations, which will ease the tensions

  • Vani Mullapudi

    Its a relevant article. It increases relatioships among co workers and team building becomes easy for a boss who has good sense of humor.Humor helps in correcting the trainees with out hurting their egos.Presenter can easily maintain the attention of the group intact with the help of sense of humor.

  • s.prabu shankar

    the article is good. it helps a lot in adding effect to the managerial attitude.

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    I totally agree with the author on his viewpoint of adding humor to work. Any work with a touch of humour gets the team interested and enthusiastic!!! Great article… Excellent insight!!!

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    I agree with article. No one can work by sitting quitely, It’s really good to have fun at work. Nice article.

  • colvirendra

    Its a good article, it should be understood that humour in routine functioning wil not only incrase the output but will also reduce the attrition rate.It is specially true of service sector. Monotonous service will keep the customers away. South West Airlines of USA IS ONE SUCH EXAMPLE where jovial employees keep the passengers happy and turn them into frequent flyers.


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    A phenomena that everyone of us get involved while at work but not all of us are aware of its significance. A relishing article, thoroughly enjoyed reading especially the last pointers.


    I liked this article & will try always with my work

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    Nowadays humor is very important rite..

    It ll be a tension free medicine for us yaar

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