Maintaining decorum at work

There are certain situations at work which can bother an individual like, an over-friendly subordinate or to deal with a colleague who is too familiar with the boss. Then, how to cope up with the situations without affecting the work results and relationship? Here is an etiquette guide to follow at work.

Familiarity breeds contempt is an adage that holds true across relationships. These relationships also include the ones that we forge within our professional environment where we spend at least 3/4th of our day.

While it is essential to maintain certain decorum amongst superiors and colleagues, it is important to remember that these relationships are human; therefore fact, sensitivity and professionalism are vital for them to remain healthy. While it does well to lace professional relationships with friendliness and humor, there are boundaries that must be maintained.

It is permissible to cultivate a friendship with one’s superiors or colleagues as this encourages trust and loyalty, qualities that are essential to undertake challenges in the progress, development and profitability of the business.

But these are some musts that must be followed in the office space:

An employee must conduct himself accordingly to gain respect. Do not undermine superior’s behavior, depth of knowledge or information in public. Any such factors may be communicated in private. This enables an employee to earn a professional reputation.

Maintain a certain physical distance, do not touch or back slap colleagues, junior or senior. Keep a healthy distance if in conversation with a senior and always keep hands folded behind. If an employee is addressing a junior it is better to maintain eye contact, a straight posture with arms folded across chest. By doing this, an employee also set a precedent on how others should conduct themselves in his presence.

There are a few topics of conversation that must be avoided – personal, religious and political. Do not indulge in office gossip. It is inappropriate to take sides, offer unsolicited advice or pit one against the other. Doing so may embroil an employee in controversies that may at times border to the personal. Maintain an objective but fair stand.

Treat all person/s with equal respect and do not play favorites. Avoid forming cliques or being part of ‘camps’ that may be detrimental to an employee’s growth path in and outside of the office. If an employee is in a senior position and is fond of someone ensure that he is objective while in the office space. Do not spend more than a certain desired amount of time with the person in in the cubicle. Otherwise others will feel ignored, and may have given adequate time listening to their queries either. It will ruffle a lot of feathers and may give rise to unnecessary bad blood among colleagues.

An employee is more likely to be taken seriously and treated with regard if he dresses in a manner that does not border on the frivolous. Office attire should convey a no-nonsense personality. Here is a simple ethic that we follow in the world of business etiquette:

Manners of the impeccable kind
Personality: Down to earth and affable
Appearance: appropriate
Considerable; sensitivity
Tact: think before behaving, acting, reacting

Rules to improve efficiency at work

Be systematic: Always be systematic in your work and keep every document and the file at a place they are supposed to be. The work will be smooth without any delays and quick. It will also help the employee to form a good impression about himself among his colleagues.

Delegate Work: Delegating work is the best policy to improve efficiency at work. Always believe in your team and delegate the work between them equally or according to their responsibilities. This will infuse confidence in the team and will lead to improved efficiency.

Time is Money: Never delay any work and always try to finish it on time or before time. By doing this, one will get more time to cross-check what he has done and can eliminate the errors better. It saves a lot of time and money.

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