Fast Track Recruitment

We live in a world of instant things: instant coffee, instant food, instant information, instant communication etc. And it this race to be ‘instant’, the job market is catching up with the world. The influx of various outsourcing companies, new generation banks, retail firms and various other multinational companies, have thrown open a world of opportunities to youngsters. With the number of job opportunities on the rise, the traditional screening system is fast giving way to instant selection and appointment process, much to the advantage of the employer as well as employees.

Walk-in interview is an integral part of overall sourcing strategy. It is cost effective and provides the organization with a large available, accessible pool of talent who can join an organization in a short period of time. A lot of candidates view walk-ins as an effective tool of recruitment as they are generally advised of the outcome of their candidature immediately as the process is streamlined and geared towards closure in a short span of time.

Earlier, walk-in interviews were conducted mainly for entry-level software professionals. Now, it is being conducted even for mid level positions that require specific skills. Many organizations prefer a walk-in interview as it helps the organization to reduce the lead time in getting the right type of talent.

Walk-ins cut the hiring process time, besides the biggest advantage of a hand shake. Ideally, the selected candidates should walkout with the offer letters. Firms give confirmation letters to selected candidates on the spot and subsequently complete the hiring cycle after coming back to the base office.

Job seekers get the biggest advantage out of a walk-in interview session as they are offered the job on the spot and no longer have to wait for a call back interview. Apart from this, another advantage is that the candidates have is that he/she can call on the prospective employers at their convenience.

Job seekers have a very positive approach towards walk-Ins as the entire interview process competes quickly and the hiring decision is quick without any suspense or prolonged process. Most of the professionals returning from overseas find walk-in interviews extremely beneficial.

Even though walk-ins happen on a faster time frame, experts say that they should not be taken lightly. There are stringent recruitment processes for walk-ins also. A technical test is a common practice followed by two of three rounds of interview. Finally, HR comes into the picture to assess the suitability of the candidates with the organization’s culture and values. There is no space for any foul play in walk-ins. The candidates are requested to bring in copies of testimonials pertaining to academic qualifications, work experience etc. And preliminary cross checks on identity and education qualifications are done during the walk-ins. Even though many firms issue offer letters during walk-ins, a thorough background check is done before the candidates comes on board. Many organizations also have a zero tolerance policy towards fake credentials.

Walk-ins became the most preferred mode of recruitment and more and more people started queuing in for walk ins, it has become more automated to save time. On any given day employers can expect over 300 possible candidates for their advertised vacancies. Through automated tools, companies are able to improve the efficiencies in process. Today, it takes lesser time to evaluate candidates and utilize the recruitment infrastructure about 4-5 batches a day.

Walk-in tends to become really hectic for the employers in the time to come as the number of people attending is on the rise. But this has its own pros and cons. The advantage of conducting a walk-in interview is saving time in screening, short listing and sourcing and scheduling the candidates to be interviewed. The disadvantage is that recruiters will not get ample or required information about the background of the candidates which is important before conducting an interview.

Opportunities are aplenty for talented professionals and speed is the buzzword for recruitment. This mode of recruitment that provides instant jobs, is here to stay for long.

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