Right way to learn something new and working with Superiors

Many businessmen and students start studying management subjects to apply it principles in modern businesses. But several hit a block in understanding the terminologies and words and become lethargic finally dropping out of the course.

To all such people, we will suggest not to worry about the initial challenges and just keep going. New subjects always have tough parts, but it’s quite easy today to understand their meanings through internet or some other simpler books on the subject.

Now, how does one maintain this interest? Indeed how does one go about learning any new project? Here are some tips for this:

Develop a Positive Attitude:

The step for any student is to inculcate the right attitude. If you start with negative thoughts like, “It’s impossible “, or “I don’t have that much time”, then there’s no hope.

You would have lost the battle even before you go to war. So, start with a positive mind set. Only then will the battle field be set or your entry.

The next step is to find people who know what you want to learn. For example, if you want to know about the Indian calendar, your own grandparents or teachers are probably the best bet.

Make a few calls. Search for more information on the Internet and get the basic knowledge in place. Things are far easier now to gather additional information. But even if one has to go and meet people to clear any doubts, he is recommended to take that extra step.

This is very important ‘Practice makes one perfect’ – revise what you have learnt till you master it. Constant repetition and practice enable one to start enjoying the whole process. As you repeat a chore, it goes into your subconscious mind and you can recollect the information whenever required.

This is the only way we can study or adopt any new lessons. So continue to take inspiration from things, and attain a glorious future.

Working with superiors:

A leader can destroy an individual or help him to prosper.

If an employee is rude to the boss then, the boss’s resultant ire will destroy him/her completely, including ones support system and all future hopes.

So how does one work with a powerful leader say a manager in today’s corporate world? Here are some points to ponder:

Understand the Superior or boss:

This is first step one should take before working under someone. Unlike the old monarchy days, we are fortunate enough now to choose our own area of functions and consequently the leader or the boss. So it’s important to choose the right function and there by the leader.

Once the leader is selected as mentioned above with whom the employee would like to work with, it’s important to understand him fully. Closely observe his like and dislikes, his trends along with his personal and organizational goals.

Once this ‘mental tuning’ is complete, both the leaders and the subordinates will have a long win-win association.

One must remember the golden rule that leaders are always surrounded by advisors and information providers. As one gets closer to the boss he will understand that any leader’s system is dependent on his advisors. So, as the subordinate understands the leader he or she must also try to understand the people who influence him.

It will then become easy for the employee to tackle any situation and to become the boss’s man. This makes the employee to have an added responsibility of delivering the right information to the boss.

After following the two steps above, it becomes extremely vital to be faithful to the boss. His power and influence in the society can be very helpful to an employee but losing his confidence can also destroy the subordinate.

Keep in mind that a boss will favor only those who have been sincere and dedicated to him. In any set up, ‘trust’ is a key element for getting favors from the leader or boss.

Leaders are great people who are surrounded by other great people. The sole link is faith and trust. If an employee can understand this then he can also become a great leader himself.

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