Facing changes

The fundamental quality needed for professional as well as personal achievement is the capacity to learn and adapt to change. Change is unavoidable – the next day in to your life will never be the same as yesterday. In order to be successful, you have to accept and understand the importance of change. Everything around us changes all the time. Once you start accepting it, you begin adapting to it. Even if you don’t, things are still going to change around you and you will be left behind.

Sometimes you have to adapt to the changes, and sometimes you have to initiate them. For example, if you’re not satisfied with your job and/or are stagnating, you need to be proactive and change your circumstances, or even job.

Some resist change because people are afraid of the consequences. If individuals do not adapt his/her thoughts, emotions, situations/environment, and a lot of other things, they won’t be able to develop into what they want to be and will not know what they want in life, and will not know how to get it.

When your focus is on what you do not have or what you are afraid to lose, you create in your mind the desire to hold on the present, although you know that it is temporary. This kind of an attitude doesn’t let you chase your dreams and get what you want – it will not let you go forward in life and be successful. Such insecurity causes distress, anxiety, and fear.

There is no need to allow yourself to be afraid of it, as it can bring new options in your life and you might be exposed to new things. There are some events we have limited control over, but can definitely felt in control if you learn to adapt to the changes around you.

When one realizes that he has limited growth potential in his job, then he can make up his mind to change jobs if he wants to grow and be successful. There may be initial doubts, but when one decides to change and look at it as an ‘opportunity’ the job become easier. Develop the motivation to adapt, weigh your affordable options and proceed cautiously, as one may face problems on the ‘change’ route.

Changes are taking place even at macro-level. Given are some in the ensuing paragraphs. The world is changing. Population changes are becoming extremely significant to management personnel in organizations. These changes can be viewed as changes in (1) consumers, (2) factors of production, and (3) participants in society. The increase in the size of consumer markets and the segmentation of markets into strata (age, ethnic) are obvious changes. Consumption patterns vary and are in constant states of change, and the manager continually searches for market information to help in making sound decisions. Values, expectations, and aspirations are continually being transformed.

Modern American gives high status to “new” whereas older culture, such as the Japanese and Chinese, give high status to ideas and plans that have lasted hundreds of years. Modern society is experiencing more changes in this decade than it experienced over previous centuries, and modern managers must keep up with these changes. But, a solid a manager should develop the wisdom to hold on to lasting essentials while adapting.

Don’t pay heed to detractors. Different people give all sorts of advice, but one must just listen, evaluate, and take his/her own decision. One should not get affected by any negativity. Start in a small way, say learn a new technology, enroll in a course or widen your network. Knowing how to adapt and move on is the key to a happy and successful life.

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