Tackling Paranoid colleagues

Every employee likes to have a dream job, and wishes for a dream team too. But then in reality realization of such dreams is difficult.

They are perilous, and so they need to be handled with care. But how long can you have the patience of working with somebody who fears his or her job being stripped. It’s tough.

Individuals like these exist in every organization. Maybe you have them sitting just beside you. How to recognize them?

Insecure workers seldom emote aggravation and power hungriness at workplace. Dealing with such co-workers can be irksome. They will doubt every move you make and the conversation that you have. Ms. T has to deal with such a sweet-n-sour neighbor. She says that these people will behave sweetly with a colleague just to make sure that their position is safe. Insecure workers can be of many types: they can be ones who would want to show they are superior, they can be someone who wants to control everything, and they can be condescending.

Attitude is power:

These people are both insecure and paranoid. They assume things at their level and wake up petty issues. Ms. N has two such work colleagues and voices her problems working with two women because she is constantly getting into small issues with them. The problem is that they’re both insecure & paranoid. No apparent reason can be seen for their behavior. They assume that everything ‘N’ says has a hidden meaning. ‘N’ says she actually expresses straight forward communication and always says what she means. We’ve all had a powwow about personalities & stuff and have all agreed to work on how we deal with others. In the case of ‘N’ she has tried very hard at her end to understand co-workers, but she feels that they are not doing the same, and so there continues to be problems.

These people want to dominate on everything. And in most cases you would find them in boss’s avatar. They are wary of their position being doubted. These ones will always have their head popped into your work and wants to know what you are doing almost on a day-to-day basis. One immediate senior exactly fits the bill. When an employee (ad professional) was new in the organization, she was taken aback by interest the immediate senior has showed in work. Then later on the employee realized that he just wanted to keep in control. The senior would give the employee little freedom needed but would also make do his personal things.

Another set of people always believe in demeaning other people around them. They talk to you as if you are a moron, in most cases, according to common psychology, these characters indulge in morale slamming because they are insecure of their position.

Insecure co-workers / bosses seem to be clingy and have mood swings. They always want to know where an employee was and with whom all the time.

If not handled properly, they can be very harmful. Politics and thievery are part of any organization. But if you allow these to get into your blood, you ignite feud. Having an insecure co-worker can also add stress to your already eve-racking life. You are always watched for your actions and whatever you do to pacify the situation, things may not turn out the way you want.

There are no definite solutions on how one can handle an insecure colleague or boss but then he can confront the person and take their opinion on the way things are running in the team.

If you are new to the organization and have a difficult colleague to handle, firstly; acknowledge that you are new, eager to learn and know how difficult it can be to integrate a new person into the long-running team. If the person is interrupting ones interactions that you have with your boss or colleague, do not appear irritated or angry. Just acknowledge the person’s presence and wait until they have left you alone.

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