Determination and Achievement

A lot of people are seen live below their potential because they believed fictitious data, which suggested that something could not be done. And some performed miraculously, because they were told that they could make it.

This form of external influence on our attitude and emotions towards our life and our world is called autosuggestion. It simply means that sometimes when something is suggested by the external environment, your mind automatically converts it into a physical reality.

Mr.X was waiting at a colleague’s (Y) office recently then he was called in by his super boss just as ‘X’ stepped in. ‘X’ usually don’t like waiting but a newspaper with a huge red circle marked out caught his attention. ‘X’ noticed that the paragraph on the prediction of Gemini was circled out in the horoscope section.

The prediction went as follows: “Work related pressures will cause you stress. You will find it difficult to handle your emotions; a friend would be of great help. Be careful at home as you may carry pressure home”.

‘X’ colleague say ‘Y’ meanwhile returned, he looked as stressed as ever. ‘Y’ shook his head and said, ‘we are going to loose this project’ and his prediction rung a bell. Later, ‘Y’ admitted that all was going just as predicted by the astrologer who wrote the prediction for the day. ‘X’ was surprised that he even followed it and managed to create his reality accordingly.

‘X’ was very intrigued by the response of my friend and called up a couple of other fiends, who were also ‘Geminis’, and they seemed to have had a great day at work, they obviously had not read the prediction.

Sometimes even predictions serve as auto suggestion where we begin to act in the same way as predicted just because it was brought to our consciousness. Some read up their horoscope for fun, others live by it, but whatever the agenda whether we like it or not, it does have some degree of influence on us.

The point that we are trying to drive at is that, if there must be a prediction, then let you be the creator and the decision maker of your own destiny. Write out your prediction for the day; stick it on your pin board and let that vision manifest into reality. Many managers tried it, his whole staff tried it and magical results were seen.

A manager wrote out “today unexpected business will come rolling in. A close colleague will bring in some good news. Your family will be supportive and if you are self employed, your employees will surprise you. Be generous. It was a lovely day”. But the manager has observed that unexpected business did not come rolling on that day, but the writer sure was happy. His family was supportive and he did get some good news from a colleague. Ever since, the manager has a prediction designed every day for himself work brewing up. Seize the opportunity, put in the extra efforts, and ones dedication will be noticed and rewarded. Colleagues will support you. Be open and free with close colleagues. You’ll be pampered by your family members. If you work hard there are chances of you achieving your targets this month. You might get an upraisal too.

Everyday is magical. Manager’s staff has now prediction made for each other, and once in a while the boss finds one pasted on his board too.

The result of what one does now will show up tomorrow. But most importantly, the attitude and emotion with which an individual starts his day will shape the results and destiny for the day. If he begins his day apprehensively, he will see doubt and confusion in all that he does. If ones attitude at the beginning of the day is positive, it will manifest a matching reality in whatever is done for the day.

Ones future and present, is a choice he or she makes. One must choose a positive attitude and consequences for the day will be positive. Choosing here means ones determination for achieving the tasks within a time frame.

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