Work Fatigue

Individuals with a positive frame of mind wish that they had perennial energy so that they can race ahead to complete the tasks mush faster than planned or targeted. All of us want to stay charged 24 x 7, our bodies and minds don’t see to agree.

Some of us may be mentally drained out after eight hours at work, while others go blank in a couple of hours. Responsibilities and stress add to ones woes, and he or she may end up like a dead horse. If this seems like an every day situation in ones life, he or she need not fret.

Here are some quick recharge tips:

Sleep: Nothing refreshes more than catching a few minutes of sleep. Almost everyone feels tired at three or four pm and studies have proved that a short nap enhances employees’ productivity at work.

Music: This is a big mood enhancer. Listen to your favorite music for a brief period and mind has a soothing affect which in turn enhances the productivity at work after going back to work. Good music helps fight mood swings as well as it helps to get done with the task at hand. (prepare the report while listening to your favorite numbers and it may turn out to be an excellent one)

Play: Be it snooker, table tennis or playing any other game will de-stress you and raises your alertness levels. You can restart your task with renewed vigor.

Take a walk: Supposing your office doesn’t have a recreation room or is too uptight about employees doing ‘time pass’, we suggest that you get out of the office for a while. Take a walk or spend time talking on the phone with your loved ones.

Gossip: Bitching bout colleagues may not be a good idea but sharing light-hearted conversations or a few jokes definitely is.

If you have a good friend and colleague you can discuss your thoughts and get a few good ideas from him/her.

Surf: Browse through the internet and check out your favorite sites. May be you will see or read something that will revive your thinking process. You can also check out.

Meditate: Chant prayers or meditate for ten to fifteen minutes, as it will relieve your tensions and help you get more clarity thinking.

Arrange things: Stop thinking ad do some manual work like sorting out papers, arranging your work stations, files, etc. This can be active diversion to get refreshed.

Take a sip: A strong cup of tea or coffee might be effective to get your mind ticking but we wouldn’t advocate leaning heavily on addictives of any sort. But tea or coffee taken at the regular tea time or coffee break renews concentration and energy.

Contemplate: Spend some time alone and contemplate. A few moments of seclusion can help you get clarity in thinking.

Here are some facts about retaining recharge at work place:

Life is like a game and an individual has to play with work, family, health, friends and spirit. Work is like a rubber ball. If dropped it will bounce back but the other four aspects family, health, friends and spirit are made of glass. Assuming one of these are dropped they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged, or even shattered. They will never be the same. One must understand that and strive for balance in life.

However, it is the organization that needs to take an initiative to help the employees. Today, an employee is not looking at their employer just a job but they want the company to care for their work life balance and their well being. If a company addresses these needs, in addition to providing great career opportunities, they can be very successful in providing job satisfaction to the employee.