Fashion management for healthy fit

Fashion designers have an added task in addition to designing and making fashionable dresses. Fashion designers are working on phasing out dangerous chemicals from their clothing lines. Customers love any dress they are inclined to buy it irrespective of cost and or unaware of any hazards they may be facing. The hazards of following trends blindly are now a growing concern among fashionists across the world. Glam babes with shoulder and foot problems are taking a second look at their handbags and high-heeled shoes. Fans of the ‘Skinny jeans look’ prefer skin friendly fabrics.

Fashion can be injurious to the health when taken to extremes, literally. Whether it is about clothes make up or shoes, fashion is supposed to be a tool to celebrate and not punish wearer’s body.

One of common mistakes young people make is buying cheap imitations of designer wear. Teaming these clothes with cheap accessories, they invite a host of health problems.

The toxicity of chemicals used in clothing is something everyone should be aware of. Many designers are joining the lobby to do away with chemicals that can harm the immune and nervous systems or cause other serious diseases. They are now looking for safer alternatives.

Speaking about the safety of choosing the right kind of clothes and opting for organic clothing, designers say not all chemical dyes are harmful, but it is important to check. Some countries have strict rules about the use of certain dyes and nowadays they also come with certification.

What are common fashion related problems? While dyes and chemicals may cause a rash of skin problems, there are other trendy others that comes with their health risks. Fashion must first be about common sense and comfort. It is foolish to follow fashion trends blindly without analyzing whether they are suitable personally and geographically.

Problem could be as varied as tight, skinny jeans causing blockage of pores and leading to infectious around the waist and thighs to full blown hair loss and damage due to frequent changes in hair color, texture or even hair attachments. Halter tops can cause chafing and infection of the skin, the grunge look of wearing without socks can cause fungal infections.

Wearing tight pants also limits the mobility of hip joints and adversely affects the spine. Medical studies show that “a too-tight waist” constricts the abdominal area filled with vital organs, causing problems such as reduced lymph flow from the pelvis, improper immune system function and poor circulation.

Another cause of concern is the large handbag popular in fashion circles today. Though these gigantic bags look stylish and can carry everything you need for an entire day, they put strain on the shoulder.

Carrying heavy shoulder bags cause both acute and chronic injuries. The shoulder trap can directly compress on the clavicle or the collar bone ad other muscles in the region. Excess load borne on one side could also lead to tilting of the body to that side with associated postural problems. These altered biomechanics can change the gait ad produce hip and knee problem in the long run.

Researchers link high heels and knee osteoarthritis a painful, degenerative joint diseases characterized by the breakdown of the cartilage surrounding the knee. Doctors now advise that low-heeled shoes or no heels as woman’s safest bet against osteo-arthritic knees. Those in the glamour industry have no choice but others have to be careful.

From shoes to bags to lingerie to tops and trousers to make up and air care, it’s important to watch what you buy. Always check the fit before you buy with respect to your own health problems the climate of your city and your lifestyles.