A Quick look at Windows Mobile 6

First the Palm ruled the roost. However, Windows Mobile based phones have picked up considerable market share since 2005, after Microsoft released its Window Mobile 5.0 operating system for PDAs and smart phones. And now Windows Mobile 6 is out offering new features of version 6.

There are three versions of the operating system, each designed for separate platforms. The Pocket PC platform will run on the Classic edition, Smart phones on Standard, and PDA-phones will use the Professional version. The main difference is the lack of touch screen functionality on the standard edition.

The new operating screen is certainly a treat to look at. If you’ve upgraded your desktop computer to Windows Vista, you’ll find the same overall theme in Windows Mobile 6. There are now two resolutions supported – 800×480 as well as 320×240, which means crisper icons, text and menus. Vista icons and built-in font smoothening. Recently used applications have larger icons. All this makes using the phone more convenient and less intimidating. Below the system time, one will find the Windows Live search allowing the user automatically perform a search on the internet without having to open the browser – yet another nifty feature.

Applications: If the user sends a lot of emails on the phone he’ll be relieved to finally see Outlook Mobile. This application lets him organize his contacts, schedules, tasks, notes, and use email. Outlook Mobile also supports HTML, emails and is compatible with the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. That makes it easy to synchronize emails, calendar, etc. Essentially, the user can check mails and contacts on the company server even if these aren’t stored on phone. Further, there’s a search as the user type the functions that automatically show mails and messages as typed in the key phrase. Finally, user will find email shortcuts that’ll help quickly do the operation of his choice like moving, deleting or marking mails. For the smart phone edition, he will be now able to view documents, spreadsheets and presentations without using any external third party application.

Windows Live messenger is included by default in Windows Mobile 6. So one can go online and chat, as well as share pictures and voice clips.

If the user has a memory to use with the phone, then WM6 also offers the option to encrypt the data and remote wipe information of the device. Encrypted data will basically appear as garbage when used on any other phone Internet Explorer has received a few enhancements as well. It promises to render web pages faster than its predecessor.

Finally, as part of the feature set, one will also find the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality that lets the user use free tools such as Skype for free voice chat. And an OS Live Update feature that works similar to Windows Update on the desktop –so the user can install updates automatically over the internet.

For multimedia addicts, there’s Windows media player 10 and a redesigned photo gallery for viewing and doing basic editing such as color correction on images.