Attitude Success

It is believed by knowledgeable people that there is an x-factor which sets apart successful people from the rest, without pondering much on this is the unanimous belief is their attitude.

Having the right attitude is crucial to the kind of image created about one self and this for a fact holds more importance at one’s work place. Adopting the right attitude is a step towards personal excellence which in turn helps us to add value to everything we do. Hence, it is time tested fact that ‘Attitude’ and ‘Success’ go hand in hand.

The first step towards having the right attitude is to define success in own terms. It is like sitting at a dining table and trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle. The first thing that one does while solving a jigsaw puzzle is look at the picture on the box. The same holds true for success. Success should never be measured by what others have or have not done; rather it is something very subjective. At workplace, it helps avoid inter-office comparisons, in terms of either job responsibilities or recognition. Right attitude is seeing what one can be best at, rather than seeing what others are better at.

Developing discipline is another requisite to foster a positive attitude. Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement. However, there is a price to pay for it. One will need to find what it takes to be the best time, practice, commitment, sacrifice. In this highly competitive scenario one requires discipline and commitment to meet targets and deadlines and facilitate prioritization of tasks and duties. Ones attitude assists him in maintaining the discipline he has developed.

Asking for advice is another approach that helps one to cultivate a proper outlook. One can get a lot of advice if he wants at his workplace. All he needs to do is to be humble and ask. There is hardly anyone who will refuse to help, if one asks him for it. When one is modest and ask his seniors, peers and even subordinates for their advice, and in a way compliment them for their expertise. One will grow from their wisdom and knowledge. The ability to be a constant learner, to learn from everything around him is a trait that compliments his attitude.

Having entailed all that there are still two more important supports for an ideal attitude being receptive to feedback and staying informed.

Why is feedback so important? Well, feedback is fondly called ‘advice not asked for’ – unsolicited opinions about ones work. These comments are sometimes more valuable than what one intends to ask for. In work it is needed to occasionally measure ourselves with someone else’s yardstick. If one is getting the same feedback from several sources either positive or negative then one has to pay attention.

Wealth was once measured in gold. Now it’s measured in what we know. Stay alert and informed. Careers today are much more spirited and the markets are increasingly dynamics hence the need to stay constantly informed and updated about not just one business, and the industry scenario, but also about daily affairs that may or may not impact one directly.

Having the right attitude helps one enjoy what one does. It takes care of those certain days of drudgery that do happen now and then. The ‘hero’s journey’ doesn’t necessarily involve moving mountains. What it does involve is the constant reinforcement of a winner’s attitude the right attitude.