Unique Role of the field Sales Manager

In addition to various functions of sales management, there is a unique role played by the field sales manager in any sales organization.

Clear cut and highly visible job:

In the first place, the job of a field sales manager is clear cut and highly visible. The firm’s expectations out of him and the targets assigned to him by the firm are clear cut and visible. His actual accomplishments are clear cut and visible and they are there for everyone to see and judge.

Fellow on the firing line:

For the company, the field sales manager is the ‘fellow on the firing line’ It relies on him practically for everything in the market and the field operations. He bears the brunt of sales force management, sales control, channel management, customer relations and public relations. He is also responsible for scoring over competition and securing channel loyalty.

Uniquely positioned with reference to company and customer:

The field sales manager’s position is indeed unique. The company looks upon him as the ‘field’. And, he is the ‘company’ as far as the field – the sales force, channel and customers are concerned. The company expects him to get the best sales volume, the best gross margins and the best net profits.

The channel and customers expect him to provide quality products, fair prices, convenient delivery and reliable service, and also expect him to be their champion with the company. The salesmen expect him to take care of their interest and be their spokesman with the company.

Man Management his key job:

Human resources management is the most vital part of the job of the field sales manager. The field sales manager is responsible for the recruitment of salesmen, their training and development, work allocation and supervision, and morale and motivation. It is he who maintains the sales force as a top notch and live force.