Careers in Manufacturing and Service Sector

Manufacturing is one of the important activities of many businesses. Many businesses manufacture the products they sell. The manufacturing sector though not showing as much growth as its relatively younger brother the services sector, still has a healthy growth rate. Liberalization, removal of the various bureaucratic hurdles and a new industrial policy has led to good growth in the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector represents a broad spectrum of manufacturers with many products which makes it difficult to classify into divisions. A career in manufacturing sector requires a professional qualification like an M.Tech or B.Tech, or a diploma like ITI. A career in manufacturing sector is reasonable well m paying, but at the same time calls for tremendous physical work.

Here are some of the highest growing industries in the manufacturing sector:

1. Computer hardware and software manufacturers
2. Industrial engineering machinery manufacturers.
3. Consumer durables and non durables manufacturers.
4. Electronics and communication equipment manufacturers.
5. Telecom equipment manufacturers.
6. Chemicals and dye stuffs manufactures.
7. Construction material manufacturers.
8. Processed food manufacturers.

Services sector constitutes a major part in many of the developed economies. In United States 77% of total employment are service jobs. In Britain more number of people is employed in services sector than any other sector. In the coming decade services sector is going to provide 90% of the total jobs in USA. In India, too the services sector is growing by leaps and bounds. In the last 3 years the services industry has grown multifold and this growth will continue. Services sector constitutes the financial services, tourism, travel and transportation services, communication and information services, media services and professional services.

Financial Services: The financial services sector is one of the highest growing sectors in Indian economy today. A career in financial services is one of the most sought after careers. The financial sector reforms opened up a wide range of financial services activities and hundreds of new financial services companies have come into being.

Tourism Travel and Transportation Services: The tourism, travel and transportation industries have been given a big impetus by the liberalization process. Many new and exciting career opportunities are coming up in these areas.

Communication and Information Services: After the opening up of the telecom sector to private players a host of major players have entered into the communication and telecom sector. The counter services business has also shown high growth. There is good demand for professional in these areas.

Media Services: The invasion of Indian skies by foreign media companies as well as Indian media companies have opened up a wide range of opportunities for professionals in these areas. Typically jobs in this sector are as below: Professional services marketing has been dealt with under the topic of consultancy services. Apart from these services some new concepts like hospital services are also coming up.

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