Sales Force Motivation Mix

Motivating the sales force is the crux of sales force management. The mettle of sales managers always gets tested on the touchstone of their motivational skill – how well they are able to motivate the salesmen under them.

Sales Force Motivation Mix:

1. Compensation plan-
Financial compensation
Non-financial compensation
2. Recognition-
Awards such as pins, trophies, certificates etc
Praise and encouragement
Job enrichment
3. Promotions
4. proper performance evaluation
5. Good sales coaching
6. Good supervision (in person, by mail, by telephone)
7. Sales meetings and conventions.
8. Sales contests
9. Training programs(induction and continuation)
10. Sales planning elements –
Good forecasting
Good budgeting
Fair quotas
Fair territories
11. General management elements –
Organizational structure and
Management’s leadership style
12. Sensible management.

Motivation is the sum total of all that a sales manager does to his salesmen. While a compensation policy no doubt has an impact on motivation, there are many other aspects that make up motivation. Morale building, training and development, sales supervision and coordination and effective communication are all parts of motivation. Sensible management in itself is a motivational element. For example, when the sales task is clearly set out and handed down to the salesmen, their motivation becomes positive; when the sales task is set out in vague and ambiguous terms and the salesmen are left in doubt as to what is expected of them, their motivation sags.

As a matter of fact, motivation is a large concept; it is a product of all that a sales manager or the organization does in relation to the sales persons. That is why practically all discussions on sales management always center on motivation of sales force. It can be easily seen that the present chapter is no exception to this rule. Practically every aspect that is discussed here has a close bearing on motivation of the sales persons. The compensation plan discussed earlier and aspects like building morale, training and development, sales supervisor; sales coordination and achieving effective communication with salesmen are all closely related to motivation. In fact, even sales administration tasks, such as setting personal selling objectives, assigning tasks to individual salesmen and designing their territories have a strong bearing on motivation.


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