Working during vacations is no longer about earning extra pocket money for the intern but it is lucrative method that will help student build a career later in his life. Companies have already joined this bandwagon by identifying internships as means of attracting quality talent.

Internships have been the ideal tool to spot talent, as it is a win-win situation for both, the employer and the intern. There are two broad streams of benefits: first, the organization gains a view on an individual based on the work he/she does over a period of 2-3 months. This enables the organization to judge the intern better for future employment consideration. Secondly, the individual gets an opportunity to ‘experience’ the organization, thus enabling a more informed decision whether he/she wants to take the relationship further.

Apart from on-the-job learning, internship is a very effective and a novel way of attaching a student to a prospective future employer. Without actually offering them an employment, organizations are typically making employment offers to students who successfully complete their internships.

Moreover, during the internship period one can make a lot of contacts and understand the work environment around. Being an intern not only gives student a showdown of what the industry has in store, it also makes the job of the employer easier as they know so as to what the intern has got in them and how much they need to improve. With a lot of professional courses around the corner and with many of them asking the students to intern compulsorily, talent spotting is getting easier and faster.

With the market demand for good student talented resources going up, there is a constant search for good resources in the market. The companies are experimenting with various methods and techniques to entice such talent into their companies. One of them is to search deep and catch the potential candidates early whilst in college itself by offering them challenging and educative internship and then following it up with a good compensation package.

Many IT companies lure interns by providing them a chance to work on challenging projects that may even involve direct customer interaction. They are given opportunities to learn new technologies under the guidance and supervision of experienced managers and mentors. This gives the interns a feel of what they can expect once they come on board as full time employees.

Also, internship gives the student the feel of working in the organization and could shatter a few myths created in their minds. They are very useful for a student to make the correct decision for their careers.

With internships around, the competition is getting fiercer day-by-day and campus placements are witnessing increased number of employers looking out for interns with their respective companies. Just days into vacations, the companies are already full with their quota of interns. They are given much more responsibility than ever before, offered jobs after graduation and are taken very seriously from the word go. Specific projects are awarded to interns and are assessed before the organization offers them suitable openings.

Companies are following this proverb very seriously. Summer sets in and most companies have their internship policies in place. Have a comprehensive induction program, where the interns are led through an overview of the organization. They also meet all members of the top management; work on projects that are critical to the organization and challenging to the intern. Identify characteristics strengths of the individuals, which they can leverage in the future, through psychometric tests. The organization, then, holds a detailed one-on-one dialogue followed by pre-placement interview opportunities to promising interns. A student is offered with a job guarantee, stipend, various perks such as providing for accommodation, relocation assistance and sundry expenses like food and local conveyance etc.