Aligning office interiors with business ideology

A new trend has emerged where organizations are complementing their office interiors in line with their business ideologies and cultures.

Have you ever noticed the different interiors of different sections within your own office? For you, your surroundings are just office environment, but for organization, it is what defines them and the work their employees do.

And in recent times, a new trend has sprouted whereby offices are designed keeping in line with the business models. From office furniture to the paint on the walls, from naming various rooms to the floorings, everything is planned and designed in accordance with the ideology the business follows. When people walk into offices and see the way it is designed, it says a lot about the culture of the place. At Ogilvy Delhi’s new office, one will see open spaces, humorous quotes, glass walls and doors with abundance of brick and wood and immediately one can think of the place as open, transparent, creative professional, reflecting the culture of the Indian creative agency that takes work very seriously, but so has a whole lot of fun.

Another Company Legrand (India) says that they believe the design and interiors of an office has potential to greatly enhance the organization’s ethos. The office structure acts as a tool to showcase a company’s culture as well as provide visual feel of what the company stands for.

So what exactly does an office do to align their office structure with their office culture? Organizations believe in excellence, innovation and integrity. One can find various interpretations of these values all around the office space. Company aspiration for excellence in what they do is reflected through the names of meeting rooms in office, which is named after the highest peaks in the Himalayas signifying inspiration for employees to scale higher summits as an organization.

Most of their office interior and seatings are across the perimeter near the windows. The reason for this is that they want natural light to be visible to most of employees who sit in the open area and not in the offices. All desks and furniture are not just modular but also moveable, so that employees can have fluid teams which can make them to be effective and by allowing employees to change their desk location based on business need. This arrangement is sending a message that teamwork is very important to Synergy. So, many employees change their desk location multiple times in a year. The office is surrounded by bright colors, which conveys youthful exuberance. There are also several fun posters and large photographs of employees involved in various exciting activities at work.

At Cricinfo they strongly believe like the rest of this country that cricket is a religion and much like how Indians treat religion. They have a lot of cricket related designs and plaques all over the walls. Not just that, they have interesting nuggets and cricketing records adorning walls. There are specific posters and pictures of cricketers, just to remind the glorious history this game has.

There are a few reasons why organizations are increasingly letting their offices do the talking about their business and cultures. Our philosophy is to be the number one online destination for cricket. So, developing office interiors to reflect this philosophy and represent the game is a top priority. Such efforts help in inspiring their employees. The office atmosphere reflects the liveliness and competitiveness of cricket and that in turn gets charged in everything they do.

When their clients come to their office it’s important that their office design reflects their warmth and is not seen as intimidating. Some potential clients who have visited their offices have clearly indicated that the warmth and positive energy reflected by the office was an important factor in their choosing besides our capabilities.

Office designs help in more ways than one. People spend the better part of their day in the office and they need to feel comfortable at home as well as have the facilities to do their jobs well and fast. The look and openness breeds discussion and healthy debate.

Office design can be a medium for the branding of an organization just like you would use any other marketing medium. An office space can give its public (both internal and external) first hand experience of what the organization stands for. A positive office space elicits a tremendous sense of belongingness for the employees. It also encourages teamwork with open and honest communication between employees. If you manage to create an affirmative experience, half the battle is won.

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