Content Writer

Take a quick look at the recruitment classifieds in any newspaper and chances are there will be a high percentage of vacancies or content writer. The content writing industry has come a long way since the evolution of the Internet. New opportunities are constantly arising in this field which is growing by leaps and bounds. Content writing basically refers to generating content for your client. This Industry is slowly emerging as a full fledged profession with firms dedicated exclusively to offering content solutions to client. Many content writing jobs are outsourced to such firms.

The best part of this field is that, unlike most other profession that require a specific educational background, the content writing industry can accept people from almost any field or background. This field is so extensive that one can write content for a variety of sectors depending on one’s expertise. Though a degree in literature or mass communication is generally preferred, what really matters is your talent. Excellent communication skills are a must. A degree in journalism from a reputed institute will only give precedence over other candidates. However, in my experience, good command over the English language and excellent writing skills take you a long way. Also a “thorough knowledge” of the field you are writing about is always an added bonus. Indeed, there are so many niche areas where you have to have same educational background to be able to write about it. For instance, if you wish to pursue medical you need to have a pharmaceutical background or a BSc in microbiology. Similarly, excellent knowledge about finance or a degree like BCom or MBA will give you a cutting-edge in the case of financial writing. Personal skills such as being a good team player too count. Another quality of a good content writer is the ability to take criticism constructively and have the discretion to edit unnecessary data when confronted with information overload.

Though, the entire industry is flooded with opportunities, there aren’t enough writers. Hence, if you are a good writer, you will be easily roped in. Besides taking up employment with a company, you can even write on a freelance basis. Apart from websites which are the main employers content writers are also required by many other sectors. There are many categories in content writing and an aspiring writer has a wide array of choices. Web Content: Website content needs to be updated regularly to keep it fresh and relevant. Visitors surfing the net want information quickly and easily and website content has to cater to these needs. Marketing literature (brochures filters etc) and such writing appeals to the customers to buy products through their writings. Writers have to explore new ways to persuade the reader to go for that particular product.

Public Relation (press releases, newsletters, etc): These days, even corporate companies hire writers to write newsletters, press releases and bulletins. Such writing has to be crisp factual and to the point.

Technical: It deals with literature as user manuals and do-it your self kits

Instructional: Companies also need writers to writer their instructional literature used in training new employees.

Health: This involves writing about various diseases their cures and latest developments in the world of medicine.

Other areas of writing include financial, children’s writing, academic, copywriting and fashion. You first need to determine the area of writing you want to get into. Your educational background or area of interest might be a deciding factor here. However, there is often cross movements with people with different backgrounds dong well in other subjects too.

Experience with industry and business in functional areas along with the qualifications
Also give an expertise to the content writer and he or she can provide useful and latest information to the client and the readers can benefit out of this. Content writing is going to stay and for skilled writers provides remunerative assignments.