New Breed of Electronic Retail Stores

In this age of cut-throat competition, retail outlets are constantly on the look out for new ways to connect to customers who increasingly want to put their own stamp on what they buy. Technology has becoming more about lifestyle. Have you ever seen someone who brought a car without test driving it?

Gone are the days when buying gadgets was a humdrum affair, where you walked down the dusty streets of Lamington Road in Mumbai or Nehru Place in Delhi and picked up some box that your hardware guy touted as the best and the fastest.

Recognizing that people look at electronic devices as lifestyle accessories, tech shops are re-inventing their marketing strategy with an accent on experiencing the technology.

The customer has become more aware. These days people want to mix and match wardrobes from boutiques and load personal soundtracks onto their MP3 players

Chroma too, runs many such activities to attract customers. Whether it’s their services your appliances week which brings in people in droves with broken gadgets or the ‘Build your PC’ or ‘gaming’ competition for kids that drives in hordes of kids to the store. Of course, it’s not the just kids who are the target audience with these competitions, it’s the parents. So while the kids play, parents walk around and buy things they never even wanted in the first place.

The new breed of electronic retail stores are turning into techno equivalents of the neighborhood coffee shop a place to meet friends, learn and have an enjoy able time. The stores these days are selling digital experiences, not products.

Electronics stores today can be seen as solutions boutiques. And that’s the direction that selling technology to consumers, from mobile phones to HDTVs, has to go to be successful.

These stores now stress more on the ambience look and feel and the display strategies of the shop, rather than just stocking up products. Designed by professional interior designers, these shops actually show you what you can do with gadgets.

These malls sport every brand in the market, organized around different uses of technology, such as gaming, music, video, home appliances and accessories. All of which eventually provides plenty of opportunity for cross selling and up selling.

The best part is that even though people might want to compare process on the gadgets themselves, you’d never find anyone wanting to bargain on an accessory. This maximizes the margins.

Vendors are happy too, people who started participating in the new retail strategy are already seeing great response. D-Link for instance has already seen a 10-15% increase in sale in the past six months of their association with Chroma.