Working from Home

Work from home is not a new concept in the corporate world but a lot goes in to make it a success. It is a challenge to work professionally from the comfort of the confines of home. Thanks to technology, any professional prefer an option to work from for different reasons. It goes without saying that discipline and time management is the key for people who work from home. There are advantages of work from home but it surely is a trend that’s catching up.

A public relation professional who is happy to work from home uses her residence as office during the day and it is her home at night. When you are working from home, it is very easy to get distracted by the TV, other family members or the fact that you can take a nap whenever you want. One should not allow himself to laze around the home in working hours which are the same as any other office. Working from home, the individual must be ready for work day much before staff comes (if there are any). By this an example that is set for rest of the team that conveys that even tough this is home when it comes to work, the boss mean business.

The option of work from home comes with various advantages like flexibility, saving on time to reach workplace and being own boss. People get used to leaving the house daily and switching of from office mode when they get back home. Initially they may find it difficult to work from home with a spirit of a true professional, when they are given an option to complete work duties from home.

Ms T shares similar sentiments, says that she first couldn’t think of a single advantage of working from home. Now, after almost two years, she feels she can save so much time that she must have spent commuting from home to office and back. No more getting stuck in traffic jams. It is a big relief for her as she does not have to rush home from the office to change for the evening. She can even supervise the household chores working from Home.

A marketing professional, maintains that working from home has been a practical decision for her. The earning is also much more than what she was earning in a full time job. Due to flexible working hours and she also get to spend time with family. Going out and meeting clients may be required but it is all planned in advance.

How to make work from home a success?

Get organized: When one works from home it can get a little messy at times with all a papers around, a laptop, mobile phone, stationary, files and newspapers scattered around. One should have proper space/shelves to keep things in order. It is important to create your separate working area at home

Be disciplined: It is very easy to get distracted and not work, when you are at home. Discipline and only discipline is what can help you sail smoothly. Avoid being lazy and keeping work pending for the next day. Set aside a time for work. One must learn to keep distraction to the minimum.

Time management: The best tip for time management is to have a to-do-list. Marking off jobs that are done serves as a motivation to keep going. A time table that tells you when to do what also helps a lot. A Jewelry and garment designer, who has her studio as well as her workshop at home meet his clients at his home office. One has to maintain a line balance between personal and professional life. Sticking to a good work schedule is a must. As one has to juggle different roles it is important to have a timetable. Deciding a time to do every small task makes life easier. The fact that one can supervise home and work without the need to commuting is a boon.

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  • Manju MN

    Dear friends,

    Working from home concept has the below mentioned advantages to both parties the employers as well as the employees.

    Employers(organization) :-
    1.Saving on Infrastructure like office equipments,cabin,Desktop,electricity,safety etc.
    2.Saving on Employee expenses like conveyance,lunch coupon,tea or snacks coupon.
    3.Saving on Manpower like Managerial or supervisory staff ,office assistants etc.Less leave requests as employee feels at home and can attend to errands without compromising on work time.
    4.Friendly work environment due to trust in the employer employee relationship being strong as both agree to work in this way.
    5.Less time spent in gossip or grapevine which in turn reduces disciplinary actions or work place politics.

    Employee advantages:-
    1.Saves time on travel ,which is also saving on fuel and maintainence.
    2.Since agreed on the work self discipline is bound to happen as the time lines have to be met.
    3.Good for health as reduced travel,stress with traffic and tension free as no time restriction or loss of attendance.
    4.More targets can be achieved if planned properly .No need to spend time on unnecessary discussions with colleagues.Can interact with employer as an when required through emails or mobile.
    5.Quality work can be submitted as the time is utilized for optimal thinking.

    Hope the more n more Indian companies also start work form home culture it will help in having less traffic on roads and the above mentioned advantages.

    best regards

    Manju MN

  • vishal

    this is very very good knowledgible information

  • N.Kantha

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