Moon lighting by employees


Wages and salaries are provided to the employees for their service or contribution to the job and organizations. Organizations also pay dearness allowance to take care of the decline in purchasing power of the employee due to rise in cost of living.

Similarly, a number of other allowances are provided to the employee. Further organizations also provide various fringe benefits to enhance the living standards of the employees. Despite all these allowances and benefits, employees feel that their wages are low, allowances are inadequate and fringe benefits are insufficient. They feel that the employers enjoy the increased profit and that they are being exploited by the employer. Consequently they agitate for hike in wages, allowances and benefits so as to improve their living standards. But a few employees in most of the organizations realize that all their demands cannot be met by their organization alone. Hence, they depend either on some other organizations for part-time job, part-time business or take up a business or start an industrial unit in order to earn more money and become much stronger financially. This type of activity i.e. taking up another part-time job or business or industrial unit simultaneously with that of the original job is known as Moon Lighting by Employees (double jobbing).

Blue Moon

Employees in future will demand the management for hike in wages and benefits. The management will also respond positively to the employees demand. Some employees will be satisfied with the increased in wages and benefits and adjust their expenses with the level of wages and benefits from time to time willingly. Some employees will not be satisfied with the level of wages and benefits and will not go for second job in future because of their in ability in getting a second job. Such type of employees will have a conflict with the organizational wage level as this category of employees need a second job for additional income and it will not be available to them. Thus, their efforts to earn additional income through second job will not bear any fruit. Such type of efforts and the consequent result may be called Blue Moon Lighting by employees.

Full Moon Lighting

Employees in some professions/ occupations find relatively free time whereas employees in some organizations generally feel that their income from the job is almost negligible, compared to their expectations. Some employees (deserve their) have friends or relatives earning huge money more than their salary. Similarly, some employees view that their friends or relatives with lower educational qualifications and abilities enjoy better social status due to their ownership of and earning from business or industry. Employees who realize that their jobs are almost negligible from the point of view of social status, venture to start a business unit / industrial unit. They spend most of their time and resources in starting, developing, expanding and diversifying their business or industrial units. They keep on staying on the job as it will be useful for them as a shock absorber in times of need. Their financial and social position will almost be determined by the second occupation. The extent of second jobbing may be known as Full Moon Lighting by employees.

Effect of Moon Lighting of HRM in Future

Moon lighting by employees affects almost all the functions of human resources management. The effects of moon lighting would be mostly negative and it possesses challenges to the HR manager. Presently very limited number of employees does moon lighting. But the number of employees who will do moon lighting will go on increasing due to change in employee values and expectations.

Managements will have to take all possible care in selection process about the possibility of moon lighting by the prospective candidates. Moon lighting will affect human resources development as employees would not be interested in the human resources development as planned by the organizations.

Employees will go on demanding for hike in wages and other benefits. The moon lighting will be increased i.e. from dark to full moon and expended to dark moon lighting employees if the management does not accept the demand of the employees.

The relations between the superior and subordinate will be affected adversely in case of moon lighting by sub-ordinates. The disciplinary procedure in that case becomes worse. Managements will face a challenge in motivating the moon lighting and non-moon lighting employees due to varying values, aspirations and goals. It reduces the interest of employees in participative management, quality circles etc. Thus, different degrees of moon lighting by employees will affect Human Resources Management in future adversely. It will become a challenging task to the Human resources managers.

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