After Promotion

Finally your hard work has received the much deserving acknowledgement. You have been promoted. But are you prepared to handle it? Promotions come with their own share of hurdles. While you feel proud of your achievement, there may be others who envy you. With you getting promoted, it is obvious that your colleagues are likely to feel defeated. After all, not everyone gets a promotion. So, while you celebrate your success, you also need to think and devise a success strategy to cope with your new responsibilities.

To being with, win over those who feel they have lost.
Be the Winner: Being a leader demands a lot of soft skills. First thing is avoid becoming the boss while you scale the corporate ladder, it’s important to understand that you cannot play the game alone.

Your success is subject to the cooperation you receive from your juniors. The trick is than to keep them happy. It’s all about teamwork. Bonding with your team is half the battle won. Although you are now positioned as their leader, it is important to make your team feel that you are still one among them and they respect you for your exemplary behavior, guidance and knowledge from which they can improve their own performance. Meaning their respect towards you is from their heart and not due to any forceful demand. Thus your team can give best results or performance.

Being in an authoritative position is a challenge if you are managing a team that to you where yourself a part of. If you have associates, who were earlier your friends now reporting to you ensure that you keep favoritism at bay. Now you are step above the rest, and have to be fair to all. Do not burden yourself with past politics and make a new beginning.

A promotion does not just mean more money and a more sophisticated designation – it entails more responsibility and work as well. Additional responsibilities and more work can disturb the balance. Remember, being a boss does not mean you are an encyclopedia. Seek help and advice whenever needed. You needn’t hesitate to approach even your juniors, as the urge to learn implies strength and not weakness.

Learn to manage the anxiety and handle the tasks assigned with care. There will be an inevitable change in perceptions, and you have to learn to handle it smartly.

Promotion especially the first ones always entail stress. There are plenty of things work and time being the important ones. Some organizations also have a counseling session for the newly promoted, wherein they give the newly promoted tips on how to work effectively in their new position.

While all this time you were suggesting ideas – now is the time to implement. Have a vision and work towards it. Develop your individual style of managing the team. Plan out your moves carefully and do not get over ambitious and set impossible targets for yourself and your team. Be careful while you take the first few steps or you are most likely to trip and fall.

Stepping into the shoes of a leader is not an easy task. Although promotions are necessary and we all look forward to it, in the initial few days it appears life before promotion was better. One can be a part of a gang who can hang around and have fun, Now there is a code of conduct.

Learning to take responsibility for other’s work is also a task. Employees get frustrated when they are answerable to something that they haven’t done. New leaders are not used to taking responsibility for others actions. They find it difficult. One needs to understand that being a leader implies more than being what you are.