Career in Social Organizations

There are certain pre-requisites in the form of skill sets and qualification required for joining any industry and the social sector too looks at specific traits while taking on employees on board for various positions. The qualification of the candidate in this sector totally depends on the project assigned to him/her. For example, a person working on a social work project needs to have a M.Sc degree in Social Work as a mandatory qualification but on the other hand, the person being hired for a marketing project needs to have a MBA degree. Beyond skills and expertise, what is especially important is identification with the values that we believe in which include a drive towards striving for excellence and working and thriving in diversity.

At NF a Social organization not only has employees who have worked in this space but there are lot others who have come in from the IT industry. They believe in leveraging their skills acquired over the years to contribute to social development. People who are committed to bring in social change in this country are perfect fits for this industry..

Though the socio-development sector is booming, there are still a lot of challenges that need to be overcome. At NASSCOM Foundations, they have identified few of the challenges faced in undertaking community initiatives which include limited geographical out reach of social initiatives, stand alone and isolated initiatives and lack of monitoring and evaluation. Since community initiatives are diverse and are often chosen in an isolated manner based on personal perspectives, it becomes imperative to take a conscious decision to link the activities with government initiatives in promoting socio-economic development. The biggest challenge in this sector is that people aim at recruiting for less due to which long term stress curbs up at every point which in a way leads to the reputation of the NGO in the sector. Also, as far as India is concerned, there’s no training for the students available in this sector. There should be special training budget for the students. The recruiters should realize that people are the biggest resources in every organization.

People assume that job opportunities in social organizations are not as lucrative as jobs in the corporate sector. So, other than the passion to work for social causes, what does a social organization have to offer to its potential candidates?

Compensation/salary scales can never be the cornerstone of the employment proposition put forward by an organization like save the children, Bal Raksha, Bharat where the corporate sector can offer far higher benefits. They attract people on the sheer strength of reputation and proven capability of bringing in the social changes which they are committed to deliver. What also helps is the growing awareness and desire among professionals from across sectors and industries, to join and contribute to the meaningful work they do. Compensation and benefits practice is periodically evaluated through comprehensive surveys and benchmarking studies done by well known consultancies and is at par with the organizations. It is not that easy to recruit a good and efficient candidates but if a company provides decent package and good work profile according to his/her area of interests in the organization, then an ambitious person with determination can achieve a lot in this sector.

Those individuals who believe in living for a cause and have the passion to work making a better tomorrow, the social sector is just the place to be.

In India, the social and development sector has been impacted significantly in the last decade through the socio economic contribution of the IT/ITES industry. As the industry grows in stature and size, it will be expected to play an even larger role, especially in contributing to the marginalized and vulnerable sections of the community. The social sector is one of the leading sectors in India aiming at social welfare. It is considered as a passion rather than a profession.

The Indian social is booming and currently, it is going at a phenomenal speed and it’s time for people to consider a career in the social sector as a very viable option. A NGO/International Non-Profit Organization (INGO) has to be run professionally as any other organization to enable it to achieve its objectives and aspirations. Employment opportunities is common to most professionally run organizations which include jobs in the marketing and fundraising, fiancé, HR, administration and IT departments and some which are specific to the world of NGOs/INGOs which in the case of Save the children, Bal Raksha, Bharat revolve around the principle of child rights, emergencies, advocacy and policy.

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