Become a better office colleague

There is a lot written how as a boss one should be lenient and strict as required, and how much of ones allegiance as an employee his company deserves.

Improving your workings as an officer or leader may make your ride easy, but it is the camaraderie with your immediate co-workers which will count in the long run, and add value to you as a professional.

Take a moment and think about how your impression among colleagues is a factor which could have far-reaching effects on your career.

While you may not care what some employee down in accounting or some administrative assistant thinks of you, it’s important to remember that the Administrative asistant may go on to become the administrative assistant to the potential new boss you have an interview with.

And one day some employee down in accounting just may be in charge of auditing your expense receipts at a future company. There are good chances, that the above type of relations may develop it is sensible to be good and get along with co-workers.

The single most important thing to remember is to be considerate. If you truly think about how your behavior may impact others, you will understand how to behave courteously, improving your rapport with co-workers.
Here are some guidelines to help you be a better co-worker

Whether it is talking on your phone, singing to your iPod, or slamming file drawers with a deafening bang, reduce the volume of noises emanating from office or desk.

Watch your bragging. It’s great that you recently aced the deal with a difficult client or bought original branded jeans very cheap yesterday.

Most of your coworkers don’t want to be subjected to hearing the endless reasons why you are so great. Wait to earn a compliment rather than try to force people to deliver one.
When the in-house gossip queen or king “confides” insider information to you and is waiting to hear your reaction and rebuttal, don’t bite, even if it’s about someone you dislike.

Scandalous comments flourish on the office grapevine occasionally and you don’t want your remarks to come back as they can haunt you.

Today’s politically polarised environment makes discussing even the most harmless issue a potential touchstone for office controversy.

So keep your ideas for obtaining world peace or solving economic dilemmas with you until the boss calls for some suggestions.
Make sure you come across as a neat and meticulous house keeping fellow who cleans the table after eating and doesn’t come to office in stinky socks on rainy days.

In office, the best thing after increment is often silence. Silly noises elicit more grievance oriented noises than giggles. Avoid annoying phone ring tones or mp3 songs on your computer even as a basic office discipline.

Your Nokia phone repeated rings annoy your colleagues around while you may enjoy hearing. Even your close partner may not enjoy over and over every time the rings from your Nokia. While you make the office atmosphere vicious you will be alone in your amusement.
Make sure your thriving collection of stickers and danglers doesn’t cascade over onto adjoining desks or the many posters of useful or fanciful material plastered around your area and ensure not to stick up over cube dividers.

While these items may make your view sweet and dashing dare devil, from the other side is far less pleasing and you look like a ‘Bore’.

Try to not let your moments of personal or professional unhappiness blanket the office.

Co-workers will shy away at your ability to put a negative spin on everything.
Often, you are with colleagues more often than you are with your family at home. Developing a helping camaraderie with your colleagues and a nurturing attitude with your juniors would definitely make you more friends than foes.

A small favor here and there would be paid back some time later, whenever you need some help.

While it is important to bond with fellow co-workers, everyone is there to work. By all means share a quick little story that will brighten their day.

But don’t plop down in a chair and kill a good hour with idle chatter. It’s crucial to share a rapport, but keep it professional in the end – it’s not your junior college after all.