Why English Teachers are at corporate houses?

With globalization and the increasing inter-dependency between countries, effective communication and language skills among professionals is the need of the hour. Therefore, many companies today conduct English classes for their employees, thus, opening up avenues for careers in English teaching. Industries, business houses, architectural firms, diamond merchants etc can all be potential clients for those who want to teach English. One only needs to look around and tap these resources and all that is required is a basic graduation and an excellent command over one’s language.

Companies feel that English language skills are crucial to the job scenario in today’s times. Let us take the case of Jacobs Engineering India Pvt Ltd. which takes up joint assignments with their parent company abroad and at various sites, they have to deal with people of all nationalities. English classes help their staff with overseas office personnel.

How do these classes make a Difference?

Executive Director, Jacobs Engineering India Pvt Ltd., attended an English class along with a number of his colleagues. According to him, English courses are very beneficial as they help create better understanding between the parties involved as well as bridge the cultural divide, as language is no longer a barrier. According to him, attending these classes has made a positive difference to our interactions with foreign offices that expect communication on a one on one basis. The ability to have a dialogue with people of different nationalities has boosted the confidence of our staff and helped deliver quality work.

Director of an architecture and interior designing firm, which has a multicultural staff, agrees. It is necessary to conduct English classes for their staff as it greatly helps them communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Apart from companies that wish to polish their employees’ language skills a number of professionals also figure on the clientele list of those who teach English. Many of these already English speaking professionals enroll themselves for refresher courses. The Xavier Institute of Communications that conducts an online English course for professionals, points out that even office going people, who are graduates sometimes find the need to refresh their English grammar and other nuances of the language. These skills prove advantageous in completing a given job within the deadline, as per the clients’ requirements and satisfaction. Thus, effective communication skills translate into effective production.

In order to be able to conduct classes for the corporate world, it is very important to be thorough with the language, especially the grammar. Another English teacher says, one should emphasize on conversational skills, because though many people can read English, they are unable to speak the language. The English course has to be devised in such a way to suit the target audience say employees at Junior, middle and senior management levels.

The scope for those conducting classes is tremendous as not only do corporate houses need people to conduct these classes, but even students, housewives, retired people opt to attend them. One of the main advantages of running such classes is that you can run them at your own place moreover, the remuneration is also good. One can earn about Rs15,000 to Rs 20,000 for a set amount of hours depending on the number of students and sessions per week. So if you have the required qualifications, can speak good English and have excellent communication skills, you have a great career waiting to be tapped.

Mostly at middle and senior management level executives have to correspond in writing with their counter parts abroad. For this they must be grammatically correct in their message otherwise there can be errors even in certain statutory commercial documents particularly in Exports and Imports. These executives sometimes need to send a draft document for non-english speaking countries say like France, Germany or Italy. Based on the draft matter from their Indian counter part they prepare the necessary commercial documents in English.

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