Career Counselling

Many intelligent and brilliant students for that matter even above average students are confused about where they are headed in life and do not know the options that lie ahead. Interested in several different fields, but can’t quite zero in on a suitable career. If given a proper guidance they are the future talent.

There is help is at hand for them. Career counselors and guidance centers across metros like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi are reaching out to these confused students to help them select from a whole range of traditional as well as new and exciting careers.

Counselors identify the talents and nature of students to help them chart their futures. For example, if you’re hardworking, good at several disciplines and are unsure of what to zero in on, it would make sense to opt for the most demanding course.

For class X students who are good at a number of subjects and are not sure which stream to opt for science may be the best, because the student would then have the option of switching streams later on. On the other hand, bright students with high marks who have their heart set in humanities or commerce should not rush into science.

There is a misconception in our society that all bright students should opt for the science stream. She added that while management entrance tests in India are heavily biased towards engineers due to an emphasis on mathematics, management is an equally popular choice abroad among liberal arts, science and commerce students.

Counselors pointed out the importance of doing a background search to find out the qualifications required for a particular field.

Several institutes across the city, like the counseling and career Guidance Cell at St Xavier’ college not only offer career guidance but also conduct psychometric tests better known as aptitude tests. Interest is probably the most important criterion while a career. If a student is interested in a field then you can later improve your abilities in it and develop the required skills. Organizations that specialize in career counseling give more emphasis on a student’s ability to communicate and conduct various aptitude tests to find out the aptitude of the potential talent and guide them for that specialty.

Young Buzz a career counseling organization has its open research and development team that researcher institutions and courses across the country. So, for instance, if approached by a student from Mumbai whose father has been transferred to Assam, they will guide the student on the best courses and institutes to opt for in that state too.

In addition to interests and aptitude, psychometric tests also gauge personality. Staying with parents are at native place with adequate educational facilities is also taken into consideration along with aptitude and other psychometric tests.

Recommending the Right choice:

* Hard working students good at several disciplines but who are unsure of what to pursue may want to opt for the most demanding course.
* Class X students who did well in several subjects but are sure of which stream to follow in junior college can keep their options open by choosing science.
* Bright students who are sure of pursuing humanities or commerce should not rush into the science stream.
* An extrovert may not be comfortable working in a silent laboratory.

Some of the graduates had gone on to become successful CEOs, entrepreneurs. These people seemed to have a need “to build or create something that was entirely their own product” – a product or process that bears their name, a company of their own, or a personal fortune that reflects their accomplishments. For example, one graduate had become a successful purchaser, restorer, and renter of townhouses in a large city; another had built a successful consulting firm and some other became head honchos of a group of companies.

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