Interesting Consumers Contests

Bata HAHK contest: Bata tied with Sony Entertainment Television to bring the Bata HAHK Contest, associating with the Madhuri Dixit- Salman Khan hit movie, Hum Apake Hai Kaun. Every time Sony aired a promo for the movie, Bata commercial was there. The contest gave Bata good exposure at prime time. The contest was simple: Viewers had to answer two questions on the movie and the winners were offered Maruti cars, color TVs and music systems.

Pepsi contest for children: Pepsi ran a contest among children to promote its potato chips brand, Ruffles. The program ran like this: nearly 500 children from a school are collected in an auditorium, 30 of them are picked to speak for a minute on a subject of their choice. The winners get free Ruffles packets. For Pepsi the expenditure at each school was Rs 1,000 and the cost per child Rs 2. Pepsi covered 250 schools and 125,000 students across the country spending just Rs 2 lakh.

A&M magazine lucky draws: Even products like newspapers and magazines are gong in for sales promotions. A&M magazine, for instance, tempted readers to subscribe to A&M by running a contest offering fabulous prizes.

A&M announced its “Bets of the millennium offer: Subscribe to it .. Send in your coupon toady and enter 12 big and amazing monthly draws for prizes (including a car) every month, in addition to exciting daily draws over the next 12 months. And the sooner you act, the greater are your chances of winning as you become eligible for all the subsequent daily and monthly draws. That gives you plenty of chances to strike lucky!” Prizes included Matiz car, BPL micro convection cooking system. BPL, washing machine, Philips palm size PC, BPL audio system, and BPL CTV. Daily draw included prizes like Samsonite suitcase, Videocon walkies and Nike T-shirts.

Philips dare to compare contest: When Philips was launching its high priced, flat screen television range, Match-line, it launched the ‘Dare to Compare contest’

Philips borrowed the ‘blind test’ commonly by FMCGs and cold drink categories. The model chosen was RF 100 from Match-line range, priced at Rs 99,900. The campaign involved direct comparison with models in the same range from Sony and Samsung, the names of all three brands being blanked out. Customers were asked to rank the TVs on parameters like picture quality smoothness and sound, and allowed to modify setting on all sets to suit their preferences. The promotion aimed at attracting customers to the store.

A lucky draw for participants carried the Philips range of products. The venue was chosen among large multi brand showrooms. Mass media advertising was used to direct traffic to showrooms. To start with, in Mumbai, eight retail outlets were chosen and over 12 days, 1,028 consumers took the test with 75 percent of the respondents rating Philips as the number one. Results of the promotion were publicized widely. Subsequently nine cities were covered. To highlight the veracity of the results, Philips commissioned AC Nielsen to run the campaign independently in New Delhi and still saw 77 per cent people in favor of Match-line.

Philips thus commented about the results: The high-end category has grown for them by 30 to 35 per cent while market growth has been in single digits. The campaign also gave us a foothold among the retailers who were happy with the traffic it generated and helped them build long term relationship.

Gold Bonanza by HMT and Titan: The Gold Bonanza offered by both HMT and Titan is also a successful example of sales promotion schemes. In HMT’s sales promotion scheme, the Festival of Time, the bumper prize of one kilo of gold medallions was aimed at spurring the consumers to buy a HMT watch and try their luck. The company also offered prizes to retailers: an air conditioned Maruti Omni, if the winner had bought from them. The outlay of the campaign was Rs 2 crore. Titan launched their Gold Bonanza offering a first prize of Jewelry worth Rs 1.5 lakh or Rs 1 lakh in cash. The budget for the campaign was Rs. 50 lakh.

Lakme create your own shade contest: Lakme Lever held the Elle 18 create your own shade contest for the target audience of the Elle 18 range of color cosmetics an fragrances. The participants were required to create their own shades of nail enamel. The winner created a sparkling blue shade, Sabah Sparkle! Lakme later launched the new shade in the market. The contest was a platform for our consumer to relate on is one-on-one basis with the brand. It also gave them an opportunity tell us what they desired in their dream shade.