Effective targeting and in-depth understanding of target audience – Web marketing

Marketing on the Web can work well only if the Marketer targets his market effectively and knows all relevant details about the target consumers. He has to know what excites them. Only, then can he provide offer that is irresistible.

It may sound somewhat paradoxical to talk of market targeting in a web marketing situation, as web marketing is essentially one-to-one marketing. The point is that only with target market in mind a marketer can decide his offer. It is as a second step that he gets on the one-to-one mode and refines the offer to suit each individual surfer.

Setting up the IT Infrastructure:

Setting up the necessary IT infrastructure is the first step in establishing a website. This includes the creation of the required satellite and Internet connectivity. Getting the networking in place is important because e-commerce and web marketing rely totally on networking. Connectivity between the information systems of the partnering businesses/customer is rendered possible on account of the networking. The partners have to have an extra enterprises architecture, which allows seamless and efficient communication between them. Two other attributes of the networking are: online/real-time communication, and interactive two-way communication. B-to-C e-commerce may need different networking requirements. Latest Internet technologies readily take care of these requirements.

Setting up an Electronic Storefront:

Once the required connectivity is established, the Web marketer sets up an electronic store front. He has two choices here: he can start a storefront of his own on the Internet or he can buy a location for himself from an independent commercial online service. In the latter case, there are again two possibilities for him: he can either hire storage space on the independent service’s computer or establish a gateway from his computer to the service’s shopping mall.

Information is provided in text as well as pictorial form. The system also lends for the surfers to talk to specific persons in the firm and most importantly, it also provides for placing of an order online.

There are consultants who will address the various concerns and help establish a web marketing system as per specification. IBM, for example, is providing a product/ software, called Net Commerce that will set up an online shop instantly. It can be customized to meet individual requirements. Re-diff uses this product for its marketing.

Attributes of a Good Website:

Basically a good website must be simple, interesting interactive, up-to-date and user friendly. Having a website or an online location is not the big deal; getting people to visit the location and making them buy one’s products is the real task.

Getting High Traffic, the Secret of success:

Websites depends on high traffic for their success. In fact, a website needs to command a certain minimum level of traffic, before the web marketer can think about returns. The more the traffic, the greater is the chance of a transaction taking place. High traffic is the secret of the success of sites like yahoo is in fact the most trafficked site on the Internet. With its high traffic, it helps Amazon, of which it is an affiliate, to get a huge business. At every visit, Yahoo! shows the user list of books which would be of interests to the visitor and which can be bought from Amazon. Even if a very small fraction of those suggestions results in purchases by the visitors, Amazon can get a huge business and Yahoo! can earn substantial commission from Amazon. It is high traffic that does the trick.

Devices for Securing Traffic:

Web marketers usually try to attract prospects to their site through e-mail advertisements in newspaper, magazines and on online billboards. They use information, entertainment and incentives as basic tools to entice the surfers to visit the site frequently. This means that web marketers must constantly update their web pages and keep them exciting.

Discounts, Gifts, Sweepstakes, Contest and Games:

Web marketers also use attractions like discounts, gifts, sweepstakes, contests and games. For participating in them, the users will usually be required to give their names and addresses. This way, the web marketer accomplishes his initial step in customer database building. They then use the data and attract the surfers with specific offers and messages.