Classification of Market Research Jobs

Marketing research jobs can be classified in different ways such as:

1. Routine problems analysis and research on non-routine problems.
2. Research on short term and long term problems
3. Classification based on the actual subject of the research.

Select definitions of Marketing Research:

1. Marketing research is the systematic, objective and exhaustive search for and study of the facts relating to any problem in the filed of marketing.
2. Marketing research is systematic problem analysis, model building and fact finding of the purposes of decision making and control in the marketing of goods and services.
3. Marketing research is the systematic gathering recording ad analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services.
4. Marketing research is the systematic study and evaluation of all factors bearing on any business operation, which involves the transfer of goods from a producer to a consumer.
5. Marketing research is the systematic and objective search for and analysis of information relevant to the identification and solution of any problem in the field of marketing.

Classifications of MR Jobs based on the subject of the Research:

1. Research on Consumer
2. Research on Market/Demand
3. Research on Product/ Brand
4. Research on Competition.
5. Research on Distribution.
6. Research on Price
7. Research on Advertising and promotion
8. Research on sales Methods

Of these, the classification based on the subject of research is the most meaningful. Classification into routine problem analysis and research on non-routine problems is also somewhat meaningful. The non routine problem analysis is the more important part of the marketing research job.

MR Jobs classified according to the subject of the Research:

Research on consumer:

* Motivation research
* Study of what is happening to consumers in general?
To their lives? How are they managing their lives?
What is happening to their lifestyles? Interests? What issues matter to them most? Are they any major trends? What are they?
* Drawing up consumers profile for the given product/product category
* Studying consumer tastes, reactions, and brand preferences
* Studying shifts in consumption patterns
* Customer satisfaction study
* Studying consumer dissatisfaction and its sources
* Studying consumer acceptance of innovations
* Operating consumer panels
* Studies on buying influences

Research on market/demand:

* Study on market size./potential/market growth
* Study on market profile market characteristics
* Market share analysis
* Study on market segments
* Detailed market surveys
* Market measurement and sales forecasting – short range and long range.
* Studying overall business trends/seasonal trends

Research on product/brand:

* Study on product line, product design, product features, product quality and rationalization of product lines.
* Study on the actual uses of a product (usage studies)
* Testing of new products
*Testing of new products concepts
* Testing of suitably of new materials as intermediaries for industrial products
* Brand tracking; study of the competitive position/image of brand
* Brand preference across territories
* Study on related products and the nature of the relationship
* Study on packaging’ packing design, packing material and pack size
* Study on service requirements

Research on competition:

* Studying competitive structure of the industry and individual competitors
* Studying competitor’s products, prices, promotion programs, channel policies and sales methods

Research on distribution:

* Measuring relative effectiveness of different types of marketing intermediaries
* Measuring dealer reaction to the company and its products and services
* Measuring dealers; patronage of competitors bands vis-à-vis the company’s brands
* Measuring the relative effectiveness of different modes of transportation
* Measuring warehouse efficiency
* Distribution cost analysis

Research on price:

* Evaluating the pricing strategy of the firm
* Assessing the pricing pattern followed by the industry/competitors
* Measuring price elasticity of demand and price-consumption co-relation

Research on advertising and promotion:

* Motivation research
* Media research
* Appraisal of and campaigns
* Assessing ad effectiveness and ad impact
* Assessing efficacy of sales promotional measures

Research on sales methods

* Testing new sales program
* Analyzing problems of selling
* Analyzing sales territories
* Measuring salesman’s effectiveness
* Study of sales compensation
* Analyzing methods of setting sales quotas
* Testing sales forecasting and budgeting methods