Radical marketing and internet marketing


Two experts Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin laid out a set of guidelines that can help other companies emulate the radical marketers. Some of the guidelines are listed below,

1. The CEO must own the marketing function. CEOs of radical marketers never delegate marketing responsibility.

2. The Marketing department must start small and flat and stay small and flat. CEOs of radical marketers must not allow layers of management to grow between them and the market.

3. Hire only passionate missionaries, not marketers. Radical marketers “don’t have marketers, they have missionaries.�

4. Love and respect customers as individuals, not as numbers on a spreadsheet. Radical marketers recognize that the core customers are responsible for the bulk of their companies’ successes.

5. Create a community of consumers. Radical marketers “encourage their customers to think of themselves as a community, and of the brand as a unifier of that community.�

6. Celebrate common sense and compete with larger competitors through fresh and different marketing ideas. Radical Marketers, for example, limit distribution in order to create loyalty and commitment among distributors and customers.

7. Be true to the brand. Radical marketers are obsessive about brand integrity, and they are fixated on quality.

Radical marketers prefer grassroots techniques. Market research is used cautiously. Radical marketers know the advantages of direct interaction with customers and as such get face-to-face with the people who matter most—the customers.

The Internet gives today’s companies a new set of capabilities:

1. Companies can operate powerful new information and sales channel, the internet, with augmented geographical reach to inform and promote their businesses and products worldwide. By establishing one or more Web sites, a company can list its products and services, its history, its business philosophy, its job opportunities, and other information of interest to visitors. Unlike the ads and brochures of the past, the Internet permits a company to transmit an almost unlimited amount of information.

2. Companies can collect fuller and richer information about markets, customers, prospects, and competitors. They can also conduct fresh marketing research using the Internet to arrange for focus groups, send out questionnaires, and gather primary data in several other ways.

3. Companies can facilitate and speed up internal communication among their employees by using the Internet as a private intranet. Employees can query one another, seek advice, and download or upload needed information from and to the company’s main computer.

4. Companies can have two-way communications with customers and prospects, and more efficient transactions. The Internet makes it easy for individuals to e-mail companies and receive replies, and more companies today are developing extranets with suppliers and distributors for sending and receiving information, placing orders, and making payments more efficiently.

5. Companies are now able to send ads, coupons, samples, and information to customers who have requested these items or have given the company permission to send them.

6. Companies can customize offerings and services by using database information on the number of visitors to their Web sites and visit frequency.

7. Companies can improve purchasing, recruiting, training, and internal and external communications.

8. Companies can achieve substantial savings by using the Internet to compare sale price, and to purchase materials at auction or by posting their own terms. Companies can recruit new employees. Many are also preparing Internet training products that can be downloaded to employees, dealers, and agents.

The Internet provides a more accurate and faster way to send and receive information, orders, transactions, and payments between companies, their business partners, and their customers. Companies can improve logistics and operations for substantial cost savings while improving accuracy and service quality.

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