Tuning up career mid way

Very often, our lives in the grind of the mega city become like over run computer program. If you’ve had problems with dear old Microsoft Word while working on several open documents at a time. You’ll know what we’re talking about. Sometimes, in spite of your experience of flair with multitasking, you have to save, close and restart all over again.

Your career requires a tune up every now and then like your car and MS Word. Since a monotonous job or a sagging industry can endanger prospects of your growth, it is imperative for you to assess your ultimate career goals and plot out how you will achieve them. Here are ten tips to put your stalled career in a much needed overdrive.

The first step in your tune up is conducting an assessment of where you are and where you want to be in your career. For example, are you at a point in your life where you truly can dedicate more time to your career or are there other areas of your life that need your attention? Most of us in the 20s would say yes to this and subsequently be willing to experiment. Your life diagnosis should include factors of your family and marriage too.

If your goal is to be director of your department, investigate what skills and accomplishments are needed. If you know the right career path for you means leaving your current company, make sure you are prepared to launch a full scale job search.

If you have plans of changing jobs or further studies, start researching in the free time on your current job and don’t let the daily grind stall plans.

Sometimes, capitalizing on your career potential means not only changing jobs, but completely changing careers. Perhaps it’s time to give up the hectic corporate life for the enriching experience of teaching. Or may be now is the time to launch that business you always dreamed of, or to explore your creative side with a job involving one of your hobbies.

A practical way to get started is to begin networking and making enquiries with friends, cousins or acquaintances.

Is there a particular trend emerging in your industry? Perhaps a new way of marketing to customers or projecting sales figures? Become an expert in those areas. It will serve you to be at the cutting edge of industry practices whether in your current job or the one you want.

Nowadays, HR experts too advise be updated on the least computing languages programs and software. You never know how they will help you later.

If the next step in your career requires a master’s degree, don’t hesitate to enroll in the necessary classes. There are so many flexible options today for working men and women who are seeking advanced degrees. Obtain the required certifications and attend professional seminars to stay updated.

Have you tucked your resume away in a folder or on a CD ever since you got on with your current job? Well, now it’s time to dust it off and be prepared for opportunities either internal or with a new organization.

Interviewing techniques often tend to get rusty with time. What worked with your employer five years ago may fall flat this time. Practice with a friend so you’re comfortable discussing your qualifications, even if it is at a professional event or cocktail party.

If you have kept your eyes and ears open while slogging in your current job, you will know that umpteen job search sites are competing to get your resume and find you a growth oriented job. It’s time to brush up on your job search options. Investigate these, start going to career fairs and professional organizations, and keep in touch with own set of contacts.

The best way to find out about new opportunities and assess your marketability is to touch base with other professionals in your field. Reconnect with former colleagues, fellow association members and former classmates and share information.

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