Careers in Celebrity Management

Image today plays a very important role in India Inc. Companies are spending millions of dollars to reposition or upgrade their bad image as today the consumer observes, perceives and eventually judges the company’s credibility and ability in the marketplace based on the image that is built. Gone are the days when only corporate were christened with certain brand associations as several personalities from diverse fields like movies, politics sports, fashion etc today are branding themselves in an endeavor to gain more prominence and visibility of their work, actions and themselves. And in today’s brand clustered market, it is vital to have an efficient brand manager and several celebrity management companies are offering an array of services to ensure just that. The need for image management that was predominantly used for corporate is, today extended to personalities/celebrities too. Creating a public figure is an important aspect of image management. It includes advising them on every aspect of their lives, including dress code, behavioral projections statements given in press, public appearances etc – all aimed to raise or change the perception of the said person in the public consciousness.

Entrepreneurs in India have started launching talent and celebrity management companies. This concept of celebrity management is inherently based on the international model which has been very popular in the west for ages.

PTM acquires celebrities across all genres and provides services by value offerings in the arena off endorsements, professional contracts, digital domain, publishing, merchandizing, media tie-ups, BTL events, imaging, PR and grooming relationship management and wealth management. In an increasingly clustered market, celebrities provide a humane and recognizable face for the brand and they try to create the right kind of synergy between the two. This industry has grown rapidly over the last few years. It has become common to use image consultants lately. Earlier, it was an unknown concept as it was considered socially unacceptable to hire PR to enhance one’s public image and also very cheesy. However, recently it is becoming an integral part of one’s marketing plan.

Being in the Lime lights:

The job of an image consultant is never ending. It begins with identifying the image the personality in question wants or needs to portray. Also, it’s essential to even find out the target group to whom the image needs to be conveyed and also identifying the various communication tools. To be an image consultant one needs to have excellent communication skills, presence of mind, ability to think on one’s feet, strong strategic skills and ability to think beyond the obvious.

Celebrity management companies are into branding individuals and believe in putting a trademark, next to their names. People who are good at languages, who like to travel who have a pleasant nature and especially those who are patent are exactly what this industry requires. They need to wear various hats from time to time in order take on different roles. They need to be good managers, advisors and even act as trustworthy friends especially in times of crisis. Also, it gets very difficult to handle stars with their mood swings, tantrums and demands at times. A person who can keep his/her cool at such times and handle the situation tactfully is certainly a perfect candidate.

People with a strong marketing sales media and television background can do well in an industry like this. One has to be very strategic, possess the tact of managing based, planning and eventually executing those branding strategies and also understand the product life cycle to be an efficient consultant or manger in this field

While looking at the prospects of working in a celebrity management company, the picture looks really sanguine when you think of the glamour and high end lifestyle and advantage if being at such close proximity to famous personalities. But is it actually a cakewalk? What kind of career development can an aspirant expect? Though this job looks really fancy from the outside, if you are not patient and proactive, you cannot get anywhere. If you can enjoy your work, have a cool temperament and sincerely believe that any situation can be solved, often this industry will offer you lot of opportunities other than the usual perks and benefits. At a company called Buzz, they believe in recruiting fresh candidates who are keen to be a part of the entertainment and media industry. A person can join at the junior level as a management trainees and then climb up the ladder to senior level positions.

There are so many avenues in this field. One only needs to pick one, master and champion it. There is growth in both directions, vertical and horizontal and if you are really good at what you are doing, sky’s the limit for you. Companies are dealing with celebrities in this business who are extremely subjective and have their own whims and fancies, moods and attitudes. That is where primarily the challenge lies and one needs to address and deal with it thoughtfully.

So, for all you people who have always been in awe of the celebrity lifestyle, here’s a chance to be a part of their world and rub shoulders with the rich and the famous. After all, everybody wants to be friends with the stars.