Marketing as a managerial function


Marketing as a managerial activity involves analyzing the market opportunities, planning the marketing activities ,implementing marketing plans and setting control mechanism, in such a way that organizational objectives are accomplished at the minimum cost. In other words, marketing is:

1. Understanding consumer needs.
2. Environmental scanning and market opportunity analysis.
3. Developmental of competitive marketing plan and strategy such that an organization is able to satisfy not only the consumer needs but also achieve its objectives.
4. Implementation of marketing plan and development of tactical plans to overcome problems at the market place ; and
5. Development of control mechanisms.

Marketing is therefore, an important organizational function.

Interestingly, an important aspect of buyers is ignored, i.e that they too use the marketing ,sales and production concept. Buyer and marketer are roles played by individuals and their behavior in exchange relationship determines whether they are adopting the marketing, sales or production concept .For example, the buyer’s side in a marketing exchange gathers information about current and potential exchange partner. Then the buyer’s side tailors offerings like product, price or even point of purchase, mentioned above, but aggressively purchase exchange through other elements of the marketing mix, like word of mouth of publicity ,sales talk, etc. This has been termed as the buying concept, as it is the buyer’s form of the sales concept. Likewise ,when the buyer is passive in his buying behavior, accepting or rejecting whatever that has been offered to him and not actively seeking an exchange ,it has been termed as the offering concept as it corresponds to the production concept.

These types of exchanges demystifying the marketing concept are shown below

Defining alternative concepts available to the marketer

Behavior /


Passive acceptance

Aggressive pursuit

Serve needs of partners


Production concept

Sales concept

Marketing concept


Offering concept

Buying concept

Marketing concept

As is evident from the above table ,it does not always pay to be marketing oriented. Organizations should change their approach depending upon the buyer behavior.

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