Employees exit process must be made pleasant

Generally, the immediate supervisor of employees serving their notice period can make the exit process very painful. In such instance, the immediate supervisors lack the professional maturity and efficient people management skills. It is important for supervisors to appreciate and acknowledge the work done by their subordinates in the past and ensure that their last days in the company should be enjoyable. This ensures that the departing employee leaves the company with pleasant memories.

Unfortunately, no employer in the world can accept, wholeheartedly a resignation especially from a key employee. In case, of an engineering services company that manages a lot of vital data, it is obvious and painful as well as uncomfortable to involve the employee for future projects discussions or executions, if he or she has already put in his/her papers. In today’s booming job scenario where jobs are aplenty, people have become the only competitive advantage and hence, it is imperative for managers to become attrition agnostic. Employees exit, though undesirable is a situation that we have deal with.

Once an employee has expressed his/her intention of moving out openly does the organization change its perception regarding loyalty of that particular worker? Does the company lose trust in such an employee and refrain from giving him/her sensitive information or some serious responsibility? Is there a feeling of anger or distrust towards the concerned employee? Trust is an outcome of multiple factors. Once the separation process starts, the trust gets impacted and wherever transparency between employee-employer is low, the suspicion grows and trust reduces. Also, very often employees move to competitors and therefore the organization invariably loses trust in those employees. It is quite natural that no employer probably will be able to give sensitive information or serious responsibility to a person on his/her exit mode. But as a professionally managed organization, there is no question of anger or distrust. These phenomena are quite common and normal everywhere, every time.

In times when employer branding is much talked about, an employee is also considered a brand ambassador of the organization. Hence, no organization would want an employee to leave on a sour note and spread a bad word about the company. How do organizations try to make sure that the process is comfortable for both, the employee and the employer? It is important that the company deals with such employees in a sensitive manner. Mature companies and candidates realize that the process should be a two way mutually fulfilling relationship; hence grace and professionalism should be intact for long term gains. Impose a clear exit policy in the company and make sure that it is getting followed every time. It is vital to understand that like people, processes are also equally important. By keeping a tab on these processes and its outcomes, one can ensure a smooth transit. Last but not the least, respect the employee till the very last. There are chances of him/her coming back to the same organization and he/she could also bring in some business later.

In a particular software company, the notice period in all ways becomes a mentorship period. The initiatives that the employee was involved continue to be part of his work profile even after he/she had signed his resignation letter and every noteworthy contribution made by him/her should be appreciated, till the last day. Normally obtaining no-dues from various departments and relieving letter are an employee’s bonus. But in some organizations, HR and the admin department own up that responsibility. All exiting employees go through the exit interview and they are also asked or their feedback on various subjects during he exit process as well. When an employee decides to part the process is more introspective than vindictive. The employer must not burn bridges with the leaving employees rather, they must perceive this as a logical progress a person has chosen for his/her career. This gives an opportunity to enroll new talent and get a fresher outlook. To ensure a pleasant experience for employees during their notice period, companies must ensure that they clearly convey how they want their employees to be treated from the date of joining to their last working day. This will ensure that the company values their employees even after they’ve put in their papers.

Letting go is never an easy thing to do, be it personally or professionally especially when you have given your sweat and blood to an organization. The least organizations can do is to make sure the process does not become too painful for the employee who is on his/her way out, by being supportive and empathetic. And most organizations today, in fact are doing all that they can so that exit is comfortable for both.

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