First few days in a new job

Irrespective of the years of work experience, starting on a new job can be Intimidating. Besides, every often people hurry to find acceptance, and end up rubbing their colleagues the wrong way.

The first few days are when you will tend to be categorized by those you are to work with. Here is some intelligence to create a great first impression during the initial days:

If you are unsure of the dress code, dress formally. Even if you see that your colleagues are more casually dressed, the first days are when you are likely to meet department heads or important clients and it pays not to look careless. Remember being well groomed translates into being efficient and organized at such times the clothes do make the man. In short dress professionally.

Though it is good to know about the firm before going for the interview, it becomes more crucial to be knowledgeable once you are appointed.

Be a team player and discuss with your supervisor their expectations of you and figure out how the department works and your role in it. Be flexible enough to share credit with the team rather than solely claiming the limelight. At all times keep your boss informed of your activities and involvements with the team.

No one will expect you to know things and will be more than willing to teach you. Always appreciate their help to you. But remember to make notes; it really doesn’t help if you keep asking for instructions on the same topic. Ask questions and make notes in case of new topics. This reflects your interest and initiative for the department work.

Make the first move to get acquainted with colleagues. Get to know them. This can be over coffee or during lunch breaks. Practice the art of listening. If you find some who is willing to be your mentor even better.

Checking personal emails or making calls especially on a new job is akin to committing acute professional damage to your self. Also don’t discuss your love life with your colleagues in the first week itself.

No one is going to give you plum assignments in the first week itself. You will get small routine tasks to help you find your groove. This does not mean that you sit by and wait, once a task is done. Volunteer to help and share your ideas on new projects. Maintain a perfect attendance record and be punctual for the first few days. If possible come early and leave late. Never, ever be the first to leave.

It is very easy for a newcomer to get embroiled in office politics and gossip. You may want to know how your colleagues perceive your boss but this may get misinterpreted as mud slinging. Identify the gossipers and trouble makers in your office and keep as far from them as possible. Stay away from gossip and office politics.

You must bond earnestly with your team and organizational set up. Everyone likes to be around people who exude positive energy and focus on the solution rather than the problem. Become that type of person displaying positive attitude.

If possible try and get a few days gap between quitting your old job and starting on a new one. This will help to get ones stress levels down and gives time to recharge. A new job is like turning the page on a new chapter in your life, put your best foot forward.

Everybody has immense potential. All of us have the ability of creating magic and attaining exceptional feats in everything we do. Some of the very common excuses people living in mediocrity are that they could not do more in life, as they are not motivated enough. They rue that they are not self motivated persons and lack energy and passion. They blame the negativity around them for not getting self motivated. Only solution for this is find out your own means and get motivated yourself.

Motivating one self and staying motivated are personal responsibilities. Everyone can stay motivated everyday, if they are motivated enough to do that. The reason some people can’t break free from their patterns of laziness is because they don’t have exciting goals. The greatest excuse is, there is nothing exciting about my job. Well, your goal does not have to be job related. If joining a kick boxing class and getting it excites you then make it your goal. The point is to find something that will ignite energy and enthusiasm in your life. An energetic person is easily motivated and stays motivated longer.

Create an exciting goal like learning salsa once a week, enroll for a class and do it. You will have exciting things talk about in lunch and coffee breaks like your salsa lessons, salsa partner and salsa instructor. Excitement pumps greater adrenaline into ones body. And a body on an adrenaline rush is a motivated body waiting to get into action.

Music plays with our emotions which are the driving force of human behavior. Make yourself a CD of songs that empower you and listen to them often if not daily. Make sure that you have at least ten songs that you can listen at one go. It takes time to make a switch from anger enthusiasm and sometimes it may happen in the second song itself.

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