Online medium ensures consistency in the messages to all employees

Let us take a case twenty years ago of a CEO who wants to call an emergency staff meeting to make an important announcement about a new business strategy. How would he ideally do it? Send Text message to all employees. He cannot, because twenty years ago, cell phones did not exist. Only way he can communicate the message is ask his secretary to type out an official letter, literally make copies and paste it on various notice boards across the organization and in other areas like the canteen library, recreational centers etc where employees assemble. Many might see the notice and assemble for the meeting. However, chances are that many might miss the meeting too because the information didn’t reach them on time. But the risks, back then, were comparatively negligible as organizations were small not as globally dispersed as they are today and most of the information would spread through word of mouth. Today, conducting an emergency meeting may seem like a faraway dream for organizations, especially if they have employees dispersed across diverse geographies. Experts think otherwise. They confirm that technological intervention has enhanced a smooth and clear flow of information. Today, every organization boasts of operational efficiency and is abreast with the latest in the technology domain to keep its workforce connected.

Team Lease has about 70,000 employees in over 468 locations across the country. Their core team of 850+ employees operates via a network of 19 branches. With such a huge manpower in their ambit they have to maintain means of communication not only to support effective real time decision making but also to maintain effective client and employee relationship, spread across a big and culturally diverse nation like India. Today, firms leverage online and offline forms of communication to disseminate information across the organization. In–house communication happens through various initiatives like periodic staff meetings, internal newsletters, magazines, bulletin boards, intranet emails, blogs, anonymous staff queries employee opinion surveys suggestion boxes, excite chats, instant message etc.

The online medium ensures commonality and consistency in the messages that are going out to the employees. It is important to ensure that the employees are informed of organizational developments, irrespective of which location they operate from.

Another advantage of reaching out to employees though various online tools is that it enables a two-way communication and makes information sharing more interactive and effective. People who bind with the organization strongly give the organization the exalted status of being an employer of choice.

Even though the corporate world is flooded with various online tools, the importance of traditional print medium cannot be negated. As the size of the organization increases in house magazines become the essential tool for knitting the company together. It collates information from different locations and disseminates it organization wide. The biggest impact these tools have had is towards creating a single globally connected community of employees. These tools for reaching out to employees have enabled better customers service, encourage clarity of purpose enhanced employee motivation and dedication to the company, fostered teamwork, inspired productive staff input and established the organization’s transparency and integrity. This has helped to break through the barriers of rank and status and foster greater synergy between employees and managers for advancing company’s strategic vision and attaining the goals they have set for the organization.

Technology intervention has proved fruitful for organizations as various technological tools have been proven effective in bringing widely dispersed employees close. And experts say that staying connected has never been so easy.

Today, every organization boasts of a global work force that spreads across diverse geographies and varied time zones. However, keeping such a workforce connected is a daunting task. Given the need for constant communication with employees spread across the globe, many organizations have devised a wide array of tools to enhance employee communication.