A Recognition Policy motivates

Boss’s appreciation in the form of hearing those two simple words ‘Well done’ ‘Good Job’ is considered as a significant reward for our dedication at work by most employees. We all want to be associated with a worth while winning organization and our greatest reward is receiving acknowledge for something we have contributed. Most employees feel overworked and under appreciated. Though employers think workers do a good job for money, a survey of 200,000 employees says it is really recognition that counts.

At NIIT Technologies the HRM and bosses understand that recognition really impacts engagement, job satisfaction, return on equity and operating margins. In fact, recognition affected engagement is kind of a buzzword right now. At NIIT Technologies they have a recognized strategy and architecture that is integrated multi acted and multi-tiered. There are four building blocks to an effective recognition strategy: day to day recognition above and beyond recognition, career recognition and celebration events. An organization should have a recognition process that will appreciate the staff and the bosses with its positive outcomes. At some organizations, top performers who have rendered outstanding contribution in their area of work are given awards of excellence. Another recognition policy is the Excellerator wherein one of the facilities (conference rooms, meeting rooms) at the company’s Technologies office is named after the Excellerator as a means of appreciation. Chairman’s Quality Club is the most coveted and prestigious award or a “company’s name’ian”. This club recognizes top performers of the company and also gives them opportunities to contribute in the overall organization development.

It is proven beyond doubt that recognition at the right time and in a right way motivates an employee more than monetary incentives,. A simple ‘Well done’ or pat on the shoulder is a good enough initiatives but sometimes a mere lip service will not help when we need to give financial incentives for a contribution which has direct relevance to company’s bottom line.

The process of recognition should be similar to sharing organizational goals with the employee: breakdown responsibility and assign necessary resources motivate employee by giving feedback and recognition on their contributions to the shared vision. At Lacoste, informal recognition is more common as it is more like our way of life. If a bunch of guys enjoy doing what they do together they will end up doing the right things.

Employees who are motivated are like alchemists. They greatly enhance the value of any resource with which inter-act. At Gera Developments, appreciation is shown through various channels. Apart from the routine HR practice, they have recently instituted a program for Fast Track Managers. The program asks for the head of departments to identify a total of 15 of the organization’s brightest managers to be a part of the Fast Track Team.

When managers appreciate and encourage employees when they do something right they are likely to repeat this behavior and other employees are also likely to imitate this with the hope of receiving similar appreciation and recognition. At Scope international, they believe in celebrating employees’ successes as often as possible as per the Gallup principle. One of the Gallup metrics that they use to gauge their managers is by asking all employees whether the efforts were appreciated by their managers in the last seven days. Smart Work Smart reward is an incentive scheme for employees where they reward them for efficient and accurate work. This is monetarily incentivized and SWSR achievers enjoy Iconic statures subsequently with their life size cut outs made and put up at strategic locations across all the company’s campuses. Also, there are Icons award which are rolled out at the business unit levels.

Motivated employee leads to increased productivity innovation and diligence. This results in satisfied customers and has a direct bearing on the company’s bottom line. Cash Tech gives certifications star of the month awards, gift vouchers and free holiday packages to a few showing their appreciation.

Employees will remain engaged and motivated if their work is constantly valued what better way than simple ‘Keep it up’.