Managers Note – A Laptop must have enough battery power

Carrying Laptop or notebook PC is not always as simple as it seems especially while traveling long distances either it. Many times PC note book user end up cursing it for not having enough battery power just when the presentation was beginning or when it gets robbed. Here are few pointers to keep a business user ready while traveling.

Remember to charge note book PC’s battery before leaving channels or you won’t be near a plug point. Investing in a higher capacity battery may sound expensive but is always good. The newer nine cell batteries give up to 6 hours of power when used with proper power saving measures.

Use a good ‘carry case’ or one that is approved by the manufacturer of your device. In case your notebook does fall, the produces will be more willing to repair damages. A College student in South Mumbai swears by her army grade nylon carry case saying, “my laptop remains absolutely safe even in the monsoons and it can be used whenever taken out and there is not a scratch even if dropped by mistake – which happens all too often”.

If you think you will need a particular type of cable it is always better to carry it with you, especially if you don’t want to show sorry face to the customer and ask him for it. Besides he just may not have it.

Your notebook has a finite store of power and this could range anywhere from 1 to 8 hours depending on the size of the laptop. But by using a few power saving modes increasingly by an hour or two can just clinch you a business deal. One of the biggest power consumers is the screen display and reducing the brightness of the screen significantly decreases battery consumption. Disconnecting peripherals such as an external mouse or hard disk drive that may be connected via USB port is a good idea, as they consume a lot of juice. Also, when not required remember to switch off the WLAN switch on your laptop as this consumes monstrous amounts of power. Switching it off can alone help save about an hour of power. Also do not connect your mobile phone as though the mobile may be charging your laptop is losing juice. Use preset mode like Power Saver or Balanced in Vista that keeps power consumption down by using minimum system resources.

A notebook is every thief’s apple in the eye. You can keep your laptop safe by using USB Locks or chains built specifically for your Laptop. These security devices prevent thieves and identity thieves from taking control of your laptop. Other devices like finger print scanners are also as helpful. In one occasion when MS B laptop was robbed in the train she got it back. Apparently the thieves were unable to use the laptop and hence actually left it back unattended near a police station.

While at a coffee shop or hotel lobby and using a wireless internet connection do remember to enable a firewall to prevent anyone from accessing data from your laptop. Chances of someone sending your notebook a virus over the wireless network is high. Do remember to keep your laptop in your vision of sight as losing a laptop can mean losing a lot of data that leave you feeling heartbroken.

A busy manager whatever may be his functional area may require a lot of details even in traveling and wishes to utilize the transit time for going ahead with some of his tasks. Laptops seem to be the obvious solution. With more computing power packed into smaller spaces, today’s laptops have become a serious alternative to their desktop counterparts. The manager may need the laptop at crucial occasions and as we have given above about conserving power enables him for continuous use during his transit.

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