High end business communication

The coming of the era of cutting edge technology has motivated organizations to utilize this wave to their advantage. With tight budgets and whopping annual sales targets, the integration of the World Wide Web and advancements in technology has prompted the re-engineering of corporate. With the world becoming a smaller place day by day, international offices, associates and clients has brought with it a revolution of global strategy and innovation. Thus, 360 degree communication is extremely critical to collaborate.

Today with high end communication technology options available to an organization, knowledge sharing and effective communication can make employees develop sharper skills and make needless to say, satisfied clients can bring in more business thus more money and all this with just the click of a button.

The face of office communication is changing and how. Below we summarize the latest modes of communication that have prompted a revolution in the circuit.

Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing is an increasingly popular tool used by most of the companies today. While some have the devices set up within the office premises others with the use of a webcam and access to the internet, can witness its effectiveness. In situations where it is impossible to fly down employees from across or when it is critical to discuss business propositions with a colleague or boss who is on a holiday or away for work, video conferencing helps in setting up a virtual meeting environment.

The World is getting flatter; we work with colleagues and clients in USA, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, Dubai, Japan and Australia. Thus communication is every critical. Video conferencing enables us to take presentations and discuss existing or future meeting. A large number of websites like WebEx provide web based video conferencing services. A manager has to use video conferencing on a daily basis of he is handling teams based in multiple locations in India and abroad.

To promote our events abroad we have video conferences to understand from out local reason more about our target audience location of the event and so on which helps us device a complete marketing strategy.


No matter what may be the business or field of expertise, this communication tool is a boon. In comparison to a telephone call, helps in putting a face to a voice thus increase credibility. Apart from its ability to bring the world closer, what makes video conferencing the preferred option is it saves time and money and one can have complete control over the conference just like any meeting. It helps avoid frequent travel and helps build better professional relationship with multiple teams. A video conference is like a personal interview, where you can talk it the person and gauge his body language compared to a telephonic interview.

Face-to-face meting still the best option, but undoubtedly video conferencing is the next best thing with a facility to interact with people sitting at 30 locations or more.

Multimedia Phones:

Today, multimedia phones are a companion for most professionals. With innumerable facilities like checking mails, attachments, browsing the web, using instant messenger, internet card, organizer SMS, blue tooth, etc depending on the kind of phone a multimedia phone to the laptop, Popular ones like the blackberry and Nokia E61 features in the like list. With Blackberry a manager can access anywhere and at anytime without to carry a laptop around always. When a manager visited Munich for the first time, by accessing Google maps on his phone he knew exactly where he was, and how to reach his destination. It’s such a boon. A widow CE based device which is great for accessing all contacts easily. It allows the user to access all his data at any point in time.

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