A thankless job

Are you in a thankless job? Are you working for a hard taskmaster boss surrounded by negative colleagues and expected you to do more than humanly possible with not as much as a nod of appreciation? Well, that’s enough to make anyone feel bummed. Being part of such a negative work environment can in fact be draining out, if not debilitating.

In today’s fiercely competitive environment it’s very common to see people fighting just to get ahead. You can’t even expect anybody to appreciate your contribution. Not even if you miss lunch or dinner and stay at work late in the night.

But this can’t be called healthy competition. This type of atmosphere can ruin your self esteem. Certain circumstances and people can deliberately pull you down in ways you won’t even notice.

Don’t let these influences get you down. Staying calm, composed and maintaining strong self esteem in today’s; tough environment can be difficult but it is definitely not impossible. Follow these simple guidelines to stay motivated and time will change for better things (boss):

Stay focused on goals:

It’s not always possible that your work environment and the people you work with will change so any thought you invest into wishing for any kind of change is just useless. Stop fighting over what is wrong and redirect that attention and energy into your goals.

Draw self satisfaction:

Take pleasure in your work. Build your self esteem and draw on positive experiences for self-improvement. Seek inspiration. Keep reminding yourself of all the good things in your life – this will help you stay positive.

If you have been overly personal or have let others walk over you, stop that right away. No matter how awkward or uncomfortable it feels it’s important to redefine work relationship so that they remain within professional boundaries at work. You may have to re-train people regarding what they may or may not say or do to you.

If your work environment is draining you out, it’s crucial for you to rejuvenate and recharge each day. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Also, frequently take out sometime to relax and enjoy. Even five minutes if a fun activity will recharge you and boost your stress level. Take care of your health in whatever ways possible and do not let the negative environment at work distract you from this.

If a painful experience has happened to you, discuss it with a friend or a family member or a professional, and move on. Don’t allow it to continuously dominate your life and influence your future actions. Just learn, from it and move on.

It can be hard to remain positive, especially when circumstances and people around you happen to pull you down. However, improving your self-esteem is one of the best ways to protect yourself and give yourself a chance to stay positive. Remember, building self-esteem and bringing about changes in yourself is all in your own hands.

It is not alone the boss or colleagues or organization which makes a person feel negative. It also depends up on the individual’s perception of others. If he starts seeing ‘wrong’ in things where actually he is ‘wrong’ then the individual may see everything wearin ‘wrong’ tinted glasses. Such individuals must try to improve themselves sincerely through counseling or through mentors otherwise they may not be able to come up in the organizations wherever they join. They may always have a pessimistic outlook and are not motivated or able to lead a team.

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