Build self-confidence

Low-self esteem is something that’s really harmful for your career. So, if you’ve been struggling to move to the next level at work, you may want to take a good hard look at your level of self-esteem. Here’s a list things that can help you build self-confidence and be successful in your job.

It is really not easy for people with low self esteem to accept criticism. This may show an inability to accept responsibility for things that have gone wrong, for which the person may end up blaming others around him or her in the office. And if you’ve been doing the same, it’s high time you change your behavior and start acting professional. Unless and until you learn to be responsible and take responsibilities, you can’t really be successful in your career. An inability to take responsibility must be changed to ability.

Always remember, lack of confidence in your self can easily affect your job. If people in your office or in your field get to hear that you lack confidence no one might ever trust your working style and give you certain responsibilities. Your boss or your senior’s may automatically start thinking you are not too creative and may not be able to give the project the kind of attention it deserves and that’s just because you lack confidence. Until you show a sincere belief in yourself, how can you expect others to believe you?

People who don’t have confidence in themselves often lack control to get others to do what they need to. Especially those in superior positions at work have to have the power to be able to get people moving in order to get the job done. So, if you have not thought about this, you better do and have at least a bit of control over your colleagues.

While supervising your colleagues and projects, you require a certain sense of adventure. All those who are stuck doing the same old stuff for years and years out of fear of rejection often find clients unhappy. So try and do something new and be more creative. Discuss your ideas with colleagues and bring out the best in you. Inability to try something new needs to be changed.

While office romances should be discouraged, we suggest you do need to be able to connect with people you work with on a personal note to be able to move forward. Remember, good supervisors get to know people working under them and take time off to understand what kind of personal issues may be affecting their job performance. But people with low self-esteem are uncomfortable forming close relationships either on a personal or professional level. They need to know that this may hurt their chances of promotion in the future.

People with low self-esteem are restless and often view their current job as a stepping-stone to the next one, but never really stay long enough to make a real impression. But individuals need to understand that if they keep changing jobs every year, they will never ever get a chance to move up in a company or get a promotion ever. So try and stick to the same firm for a longer duration, give your work your best shot and then see the results. On employer’s part they consider frequent job changers as ‘Rolling stone gathers no mass’.

People on the fast track for success can often handle multiple jobs and responsibilities with little effort. While, low esteem often saps your energy levels and makes it difficult to handle problems that may arise on the job. So take some efforts to change yourself and develop self-confidence to be a successful employee.

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