Catch the senior management’s attention to get a promotion

Let us start with the case of an employee X. He has always been a slacker. He arrived late for three consecutive days last week and is also the first person to leave office almost everyday. Not only that he has utilized all sick leaves and casual leaves in the first two months it self. He frequently misses deadlines and is often late for important meetings. But for such things he has a valid reason for the same. It is the company that fails to recognize X’s problems. But the problem being that the company still demands a certain discipline. Every one has their share of problems and the fast local train is as crowded for them as it is for you, but they still make it to office on time. And so also ‘X’ can.

Case of ‘Y’ and he is doing just about ‘OK’. ‘Y’ has that much needed discipline. He reaches office on time, follow the instruction properly and leave for home as scheduled. However that is the problem. His performance is just considered satisfactory. ‘Y’ is doing just fine and that ‘fine’ is enough to keep him on board. It is not enough to add more responsibilities to his work profile and give him a promotion. For that, he needs to go in the extra mile to prove that he is worth it. And chances are, he is not doing that.

Case of ‘Z’ is that he is not visible enough in work performance. He is disciplined, do a good job and make sure meet all his deadlines. However, the problem being that very few people know about it. It is important to get noticed at work, especially by the important people in the organization who hold the key to ones promotion. As they always say, a little self-bragging never harmed anyone.

You don’t pay attention to details. You may think that your current job is not challenging enough and that the management ought to give you far more responsibilities. However, the key to making that decision is the evaluation of your current performance and the task that you have in hand. You feel its ok to have typos in the project report and nobody cares if you don’t follow-up with a client who’s not ‘that’ important. But the truth being, small things like this matter especially when speaking of promotion.

Your boss needs you where you are: The problem is that you are too good for your own good. You perform your job so well that you have become almost irreplaceable. Even if you are promoted your boss won’t be able to find any other candidate who could perform as well as you do. Hence, the logical option for the time being is to keep you where you are till a good enough option comes along. However, it ends up spoiling your chances of getting a well deserved promotion.

If you are looking for a senior’s position, then act like one. Show that you have the decision making capability required by those who are in the top slot. You must prove that you take your job as seriously as your seniors do and hence are perfect leadership material. It’s all about image building at the end of the day. If you have the image of the leader, chances are sooner or later, you will be promoted to that level.

Those who don’t like you will try their level best to make life difficult for you and ensure that you don’t move to the next level. You may be great at work and may deserve a promotion. However, if you are enemies with some key people in the organization who have the power to indirectly affect the senior level decision making process (such as your boss’s favorite), chances are you won’t get far.

You’re competing with super achievers and let’s face it. There are just too many people competing for the top level position and most of them are as good as you or even better than you at their respective jobs. Everyone is busy hitting newer targets everyday. The competitive spirit in your organization is too high and your achievements easily get lost in the list of super achievers in your company. And in such a scenario, you can’t decide what to do so as to catch the senior management’s attention and get yourself a promotion.

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