Importance of Psychometric tests in getting a job

Psychometric test, as the name suggests has nothing to do with measuring ones psyche-psychological or emotional ability. But these tests are conducted by organizations when hiring candidates to determine whether the candidate’s attitude match with the company’s work culture. Given the high attrition rate, companies have come to realize that job related skills are not the only criterion required to hire an employee. Psychometric testing is a new yardstick for employers to a certain preliminary judgment of employee’s behavior. And most companies who used it have genuflected high appreciation.

Psychometric tests are used by many companies to reduce human bias in selection and to give it a scientific touch. Hiring candidates by the dozens everyday most companies find this software a rather complementary tool to hiring. Application of these tests by companies is bound to grow, the phenomenon is very popular abroad and the trend started in India at the turn of millennium. However, in recent times more and more companies are wiling to invest in employees selection and development. This gives rise to another trend that of qualified psychometric who can design, an analysis and give back quality feed back to the candidate. For a candidate appearing for these tests if conducted by prospective employer we suggest,

* Be focused and answer at a consistent speed. The test also detects the time you dwell upon a certain question.
* Be comfortable with the test process. Do not give over importance or undermine it over other interview rounds.
* The answers are usually simple and obvious to crack. Some might appear difficult but look for pattern that usually exists.
* The questions range from generic to specific
* Some tests are objective while some require a subjective open ended response.
* Some tests are to be taken on the computer and do not allow you to see the next page till you have answered questions from that particular page. There is a booklet format also and can be answered according to one’s choice. If it’s the booklet that you are answering from, then briefly glance through the whole booklet. Whatever is the mode of administration be prepared to expect the unexpected.
* Objective responses require your care in how much you say. Be honest and exercise brevity. Don’t disclose useless information or details more then required.
* Ask for clarification when you need one.
* Finally remember the test is designed to check your attitude, aptitude and ability and that there are no right or wrong answers.
* The test time may vary from 20 minutes to two hours.
* If you get the opportunity to read your test profile later, it does not confirm you to a particular personality or work type, but just strives to give a near accurate picture.
* The test predicts performance and not emotional or psychological ability.

The tests assess:

* Personality characteristics
* Inter-personal communication skills both verbal and nonverbal
* Motivation
* Job specific aptitudes

Sectors using this:
* IT
* Telecom
* Financial
* Recruitment

What does it do? Psychometric tests are created by behaviorists and psychologists to measure ability, aptitude and attitude .It likes to fit people into jobs rather than to fit jobs in people. The candidates are required to answer a set of questions. And the idea is to evaluate the individual’s behavior through the questionnaire. The result is mapped on a graph in culture. The result indicates certain capabilities that exist in an individual. This helps analyze and assess individual’s behavioral aptitude.

Should you worry?

The candidates hopeful to get a job in a certain company wonder if psychometric tests can be cracked. Well throw that thought aside. In some personality questionnaire one can find similar questions but which are twisted to mislead so disparity in answering can easily be detected. It is important to answer the test with integrity and truth. If you don’t get the job means you don’t fit the company culture.