Treatment of senior employees

We cannot talk about the nature of people unless we consider the whole person, not just separate and distinct characteristics, such as knowledge, attitudes, skills, or personality traits. A person has them all in different degrees. Moreover, these characteristics interact with one another and their predominance in specific situation changes quickly and unpredictably. The human being is a total person influenced by external factors. People cannot divest themselves of the impact of these forces when they come to work. Managers must recognize these facts and be prepared to deal with them.

Treat your colleagues right: Let not age make any difference when it comes to work. Even if you have to supervise senior colleagues have a positive attitude towards them.

Many young managers feel a bit awkward when they are asked to supervise over senior employees. This is true especially in India, where senior professionals expect a lot of respect and preference in Matter and preference in matters of promotion, perks, bonuses etc. Today the scene has somewhat changed with the influx of young professionals in top managerial positions. In case, you are also one of those young managers of a team filled with seniors here are some tips for you:

If you keep on wondering on why you got promoted over your elderly colleagues, you will not be able to lead them. You should understand that you have earned your promotion because of your merit and not age. Once you acknowledge your talents as a leader at your workplace it will be easier for you to give instructions to younger members.

Be serious: Avoid behaving like a crazy child or arrogant boy in front of your senior colleagues. Show punctuality, discipline, initiative, humility, etc are qualities one would expect from a senior professional. It will get you a lot of respect.

Don’t discard the advice from your senior colleagues just because they are placed below you. Senior professionals can help you understand the growth of a particular team or department over the years. Experience counts. This can add to your knowledge base about the firm’s functioning and future prospects. Treat your seniors as a valuable resource and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Make an attempt to be friends with the elders in your team. If you like partying with your young colleagues may be you can arrange a picnic where even your seniors can enjoy. Ask them about their children, grand children holidays etc. This you can develop personal bonds.

Be patient while talking to your elderly colleagues. Whenever you come up with something new like a policy change or a new business plan, explain your seniors the reasons for the change, answer their questions and solve their feelings like a part in the process of the change, make proper communication: and they will get more involved in it.

While it is okay to maintain social niceties, you need to stay firm while making decisions. You will earn respect for being a firm boss and people will trust your judgment. If you feel that someone resents your promotion talk it out with him/her. Let the person know that you will be benefited from his/her knowledge and experience and you can work together

Don’t take bullying or bad behavior from your senior colleagues. Discuss such matters with a higher authority and take disciplinary action if necessary.

Manager’s large part of success depends upon those working in his team. It is very important to maintain a good and positive relationship with them including elderly colleagues. One of the most important things to strive for as a manager is to remain open and approachable. —

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