Weary minds need outlets

With stress levels running high, young execs are choosing to hit the brakes over the weekend.

Sometimes you must know you have overdone it. Your mind is sluggish, your body feels uncomfortable and your energy levels are close to zero. It’s time for a detox – physical as well as mental. In an age of punishing work schedules, more and more young execs are gong for quick detox over the weekend to be fit by Monday.

We have all been taught as children that iron and calcium are needed to make our bodies strong. But what have we been taught about how to heal our minds and spirits? Even weary minds need outlets for all the residue and stress of the week.

Umpteen times, we may have been told that strength, above all is what is valued it steer ahead in the modern world. But where do we gather that strength from? The rigid outer strength that we are required to show to the world around us takes a toll on us. That is where we need help from professional. With the pressure to perform and an absence of strict regimentation of life, stress levels run high. Employees in the age group of 25-45 always seem to be battling with time. In that case, people are increasingly looking at 48-hour detox to kill the burnout.

For a call center executive pressure to shrug it off, “get over it” and “move on” without inconveniencing or embarrassing anyone with emotions causes us discount the very reality of our feelings and experiences. He is one of those youngsters who do the 12 hour grind and believes living life the full. Mr.K and his pals are die-hard believers of the adage work hard, party harder which tastes into mean work shift and hitting the art scene by nightfall.

At times, ones mind becomes as mechanical that he lives in constant fear of a breakdown. Youngsters like Mr.K and Mr.O realize the need to hold on to sanity but a weeklong holiday can recuperate every second month is nearly impossible. So, like everything else in their lives, they like to ‘keep it short’ and prefer ultra intensive holidays which broadly means organizing their life schedule over a 48 hour period. There’s no need to check into a institution, and not being labeled as “cases” are advantages these execs prefer. A quick fix every week is much better than month long holiday in Europe and feeling blue when it gets over.

Seeing a rise in the need for relieving stress, companies have introduced weekend getaways or counseling courses varying from reiki to anger management. Many companies provide counseling where they try to drive home the point that there are certain non-negotiable elements of life – sleep diet, good breathing and exercise; who runs a two day residential creative retreat weekend for MNCs which involve participants an intense process of self discovery and awareness.

The exercises are meant to help the participants arrive at a better understanding of themselves. This enables them to clearly define their goals and aspirations. It also helps in harmonizing one’s world as it facilitates deep introspection.

Many organizations are now creating self-awareness by joining hands with gyms and healthcare institutes in an attempt to nurture the health and wellness of their employees. One of the initiatives started was having a fully equipped gym at workplace. Few companies have also a fitness consultant to advice employees on health, exercise, diet etc.

Apart from tie-ups with gyms, many organizations are also helping their employees beat stress by conducting yoga and meditation classes at the work place. Apart from that a yoga and a spirituality camp for all employees across the country is organized by a few companies. Employees have a two-hour meditation sessions every month to de-stress themselves. By introducing such stress relievers employers noticed a considerable change in the attitude of employees.

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