Working under high pressure

It’s the middle of the year and the end of a month. For most industries and services sectors, this is the time when the pressure is acceptably tremendous. When the tempers are flying high both in the CEOs room and the cubicles you know that the heat will claim a few lives. No matter how heavy your resume is and how many zeros you have in your CTC, your mettle will only be tested when in the above situation.

But whether or not you survive this, chances are the spotlight is on you at some point. When stakes are high, remember the following advice:

Before deciding on the best course of action, take a step back and analyze the situation. Do you have all the information you need? What resources are required to accomplish your objectives? By tactically and making a map on the board you can spot potential hurdles before they slow you down.

Since time is critical when the pressure is on, make sure you’re focused on activities that are linked directly to your most immediate objectives. Low priority tasks and these with deadlines farther out can be handled later. Get most pressing assignment out of the way first will reduce your stress and make your overall goals seem more manageable. Spot low priority tasks and complete them later.

Direct your energy toward situation where you can affect the outcome and don’t spend time worrying about you cannot change. For example, if you’re scrambling to recreate a presentation that was erased from your computers hard drive don not lament start drafting another copy. Stick to the original Game Plan.

When operating on overdrive, it is easy to lose sight of big picture goals and the fact that working hard now will help you achieve them. Keep your eye on the light at the ended of the tunnel. Don’t lose sight.

During stressful times, it may seem like it’s you against the world. But often the help you need is available all you need to do is ask. Don’t hesitate it, turn to others in your professionals network. Tell them about the challenges you are facing and solicit their put, it may be your neighbor who is learning company law to even your uncle who is an ayurvedic doctor. You don’t know from where you can get knowledge to transform a mountainous project into seething more manageable. They may even roll up their sleeves and pitch in. At the very least you will be able talk through your difficulties which would make them less daunting. Bring in “The Substitute”.

If the pressure you are facing is the result of a project overload, identify tasks that can be delegated to another qualified member of the group. If not, explain it to you boss, who is more likely to determine which assignments can be redistributed to whom. This would also keep your supervisor apprised on your progress and financial needs.

When you know your target is near, it is crucial not to get elated and start making plans for a Goa trip once it gets over. Also, after a high-pressure period has passed, do not forget to reward yourself and those who helped you out. A pat on the back can keep motivation high so you are prepared for the next big projects.

Even if you are an accountant working to meet an end-of-quarter deadline, your pressure won’t be too different than that of a collegian multitasking at mega festivals or a hockey player in national tournament. Grace under pressure helps everyone stay focused and perform better. Remember, a stellar preference in a couple of these marathons could distinguish you as team leader and the boss’s go to person the next time a rewarding assignment arises.

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