Branded for success and getting a new client

Vice-president appointed for content and communication Channel V is responsible for building the channel V brand. As a creative person, his job involves a lot of out-of-the-box thinking to stay ahead in this competitive television industry.

He has to be creative to be successful as the VP for that designation. Creativity is about challenging and subverting the status quo. The [v] gang gets bored with routine. They wouldn’t fit in well at a banking job. Creativity is a result of constantly showing the middle finger to the dull and the dull and the mundane. Plus it helps that they have great coffee to charge them to emanate more ideas. But something that is fun and different. Meanwhile they also relax with their favorite dive at swimming, go and crash in go-karts or get in touch with child like play. And before they know it, they are back in action.

Communication strategy can be made different from others by being or through channel v. A good communication strategy ensues when the brand is well etched with a distinct and resonant personality.

Brand positioning is important in television scenario. At a time when there are hundreds of channels and a new launches every week, a well constructed brand is going to be the most important way to attract the right audience. More critical is the effect this has in attracting right employees.

The reasons behind the success for reality TV in India is a global phenomenon. Audiences evolve and their tastes change. The canvas of a reality TV allows for many different formats that appeal to different groups of viewers. So a music talent show may engage the largest mass. But others research special interest groups that other shows may not reach – a rock band hunt, a boxing reality show etc There is something for everyone. A show like Get Gorgeous has a unique audience – young upscale males and females, who are typically hard to find on TV.

Channel V is a youth oriented channel it makes a conscious effort to hire young people only. It is imperative that we live the values of our brand and reflect the lives of channel’s audience. So hiring young people is an obvious way to keep well entrenched in the hearts and minds of their audience. And the older employees stay on desperately to the fading strands of youth to stay in the game.

Getting new business:

No amount of confidence can substitute for a lack of homework. After all, you don’t want to flounder when a client shoots a question on your product/service. Here’s how you can crack a deal:

Planned spontaneity beats winging it in a meeting every time. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll be, more confident and can make the interaction as pleasant and result oriented as possible.

If it is a new client do extra homework. Google the company, have a good look of their websites or any brochures, and analysis what rocks their boat.

Do your research and think in advance about your clients needs. Reassess previous phone calls and understand the most important points that your potential client is going to address during the meeting.

Consider how you want to open the meeting, what areas you aim to explore and how you want to phrase some of the key questions you would to ask. Preparation always demonstrates to the client the depth of thought that you invest in every assignment. Rest assured that you will be in business in no time.